Use Prime Day to Stock Up on Merino Wool Staple


Merino wool is soft next to skin, keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, and moves moisture away from your body. But it often wears out quickly, which is a problem because merino apparel is expensive. Luckily, there are a bunch of staples available through Amazon’s Prime Day mega-sale. Here are some of the best. 

Available in a variety of colors, and both solids and graphics, lightweight merino t-shirts like this one will be some of the most versatile, frequently worn items in your wardrobe. (Photo: Icebreaker)

Icebreaker Spector T-Shirt (Men’s): $45

Lightweight merino wool T-shirts are the ultimate all-around base layers. In warm weather, wear them on their own. In cooler temperatures, layer them under a shirt or sweater. For high-exertion cold weather activities, nothing else will keep you as dry under a lightweight soft shell jacket.

Made from a 90 percent merino, ten percent nylon blend, the featherweight Spector will hold its shape through wear and washes, and keep you cool in even the hottest conditions or through the heaviest activity. For today and tomorrow, it’s discounted from $60 to $45 in select sizes in colors. 

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Light merino socks also resist odors, so you can wear them for several days before you'll need to wash them. (Photo: Icebreaker)

Icebreaker Hike+ Light Sock (Men’s and Women’s): $16.50

Years ago, I threw out all of my cotton socks and replaced them with three pairs of these lightweight merino items. Aside from skiing (when I wear something taller), and very cold weather activities (where more insulation is needed), that remains my setup today. These things will keep your feet dry and comfortable in anything from snowy hikes in the mid-teens to summer backpacking trips. I wear out those three pairs about once a year, and re-stocking them today is going to be cheaper than usual because they’re discounted from $22 to $16.50 a pair.

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You can bring the odor-fighting, temperature-regulating properties of merino wool to your workouts, too. (Photo: Icebreaker)

Icebreaker Multisport Mini Sock (Men’s and Women’s): $13.50

The only other time you won’t find me in the Hike+ Lights is when I’m working out. These low-cut socks are made from an even lighter, more ventilated merino-nylon blend that helps keep your feet dry while training. Ankle-height, they look good with a pair of athletic shoes. Today, they’re discounted from $18 to $13.50. 

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200-weight merino baselayers are the perfect all-rounder. You'll be warm on the ski hill, you can layer them under relatively normal clothes, and you won't overheat inside your car or a restaurant while wearing them. (Photo: Icebreaker)

Icebreaker Oasis Base Layers (Women’s): $135

For everyday winter wear, 200-weight merino base layers are perfect. They won’t be too warm during exertion, dry quickly, and are thin enough to layer under normal athletic clothes. And you won’t find a better all-round set than Icebreaker’s Oasis range, which are made from 100 percent merino wool. Today you can save $45 if you buy both. 

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