This Online Group Collects Photos Of ‘Illegally Smol’ Kittens And Here Are 72 Of The Cutest ‘Criminals’ (New Pics)

Cats already dominate our hearts but when you introduce us to tiny kittens, they can melt into pink warm goo. Too much cuteness can be detrimental!

Luckily, there's a subreddit that collects pictures of "illegally smol cats," warning of the suspects that might pull such a trick on us.

If you dare to meet them, proceed with caution. But if you somehow manage to make it through this list in one piece and desire more, fire up our earlier piece on this adorable online community.

#1 Food Please?

Image credits: someclaireflair

#2 Say Hello To Butters!

Image credits: PleadTheSpliff420

#3 Smul

Image credits: Wennefy

#4 Caterpillar

Image credits: true1011

#5 He's So Tired

Image credits: regian24

#6 Adopted A Small Criminal, She's 6 Weeks On This Picture

Image credits: Edltraud

#7 Percy When He Was 2 Months Old

Image credits: Nooky974

#8 2 Chick-Fil-A Sauces

Image credits: kigbitties

#9 So Smol She Doesn’t Even Make A Dent In The Pillow

Image credits: loysoy

#10 What He Wants? He Refuse To Move Paws Away From My Arm

Image credits: Historical-Sample-14

#11 Another Foster Cat (F 5wks). Needs A Good Name!

Image credits: Skjaaf_Tincutter

#12 Heard Meowing Under Our Porch A Week Ago. Now This Is How We Spend Our Mornings

Image credits: murderallthewookiees

#13 This Criminal Crashed A Birthday Brunch, Seated Himself Without Having Made A Reservation And Fell Asleep At The Table!

Image credits: Eliznalikestea

#14 His Name Is Doodle Bug

Image credits: DasCapitolin

#15 Only 5 Weeks Old And Already Knows Where The Goods Are Hidden

Image credits: hi-im-hungry

#16 Went Hunting, Came Home With Frank Instead

Image credits: slantfour

#17 My Friend Is Fostering Another Cat, As Lady Fern Is Now In A Loving Forever Home. Meet Higgins. He’s A Whole Two Weeks Old

Image credits: Skjaaf_Tincutter

#18 New Roomate Doesn’t Do Chores, Doesn’t Cook, Is Only Smol Criminal

Image credits: TheZombae

#19 Momma Cat Gave Birth This Morning To 4 Healthy Little Beans

Image credits: ialwaysforgetsecrets

#20 Found This Little Girl All Alone. She’s Like Negative 2 Ounces

Image credits:

#21 Don’t Tell The Authorities, But My Cat Leia Is Illegally Smol

Image credits: llamalalley

#22 The Smolest In The Litter At A Whopping 193g - Meet Calcifer

Image credits: Greyisokay

#23 Baby Clarabelle

Image credits: AndiMarie711

#24 Illegally Smol Head Rub

Image credits: aulophobiaotter

#25 I Got To Meet Newborn Kittens Yesterday. Needless To Say It Was An Emotional Experience

Image credits: merryvjohnson

#26 If It Fits, I Sits

Image credits: NohemiVass

#27 Ever Heard Of A Lap Girl? I Raise You My Foot Girl!

Image credits: 0speedofart0

#28 The Tiny Kitten I Saved (Before Picture Included). He's A Thief, He Stole My Heart And I'm Adopting Him

Image credits: Koibetta

#29 Double Trouble

Image credits: jthosch

#30 Gizmo. Banana For Scale

Image credits: dingogrundle

#31 Despite All The Cozy Spots I've Provided My Fosters, Murph Still Prefers The Keyboard

Image credits: khirann

#32 His Name Is Phillip And He Sleeps In A Sock

Image credits: vicariouslyacat

#33 Found Him At Work After His Momma Left

Image credits: toolyoufool

#34 Smol + Kitten = Smitten

Image credits: Technical-Dish6969

#35 Comforting My Little Fluff While Hes Asleep!

Image credits: Reffska

#36 Here’s Another Update On Ralf. He Has Stolen Everyone’s Personal Space! (No Ruby Is Not Crushing Him. He Buried Himself There)

Image credits: gingermicronerd

#37 She Fell Asleep Like This. My Heart Is Melting

Image credits: GamerScholar

#38 Our New Kitten, Waffles!

Image credits: KATMED1

#39 Smol Penny Is Feeling Particularly Frisky This Morning. Plotting To Illegally Murder The Bedspread!

Image credits: ladybug68

#40 Polly

Image credits: kigbitties

#41 You Damn Right I'm Illegal, I Steal Your Car

Image credits: Marmeladovna

#42 Mango Opened Her Eyes Today

Image credits: shrimpykat

#43 So Glad I Found This Subreddit! This Is Tabitha

Image credits: I_AM_FRUIT_

#44 Not As Smol As Two Weeks Ago

Image credits: CatchADeffaz

#45 Started Volunteering At The Animal Shelter 2 Weeks Ago. Brought Home My First Foster Family Today. Momma And 6 3 Week Old Babies

Image credits: Raising_Danger

#46 I Smol, But Fierce

Image credits: mama-and-babies

#47 I’m A First Time Cat Adopter, So Every Cute Thing They Do Feels Photo Worthy...

Image credits: vegeterin

#48 Our Little One Solemnly Swears She’s Up To No Good

Image credits: muzebella

#49 Drillbit Planned A Prison Break, But The Other Criminals Couldn’t Make It Over The Fence

Image credits: u/expertdogsnuggler

#50 My Mom Rescued This Little Cutie

Image credits: Similar_Log_9547

#51 Mika Waking Up From Her Nap

Image credits: ValuedCarrot

#52 Saved Criminal At Intersection On The Way To Work, Not Sure What To Do With It

Image credits: RisenApathy

#53 Arrested For Stealing All Of My Girlfriend’s Attention

Image credits: Poxalox

#54 Her Only Crime Was Smiling Too Much

Image credits: spikedmycoffee

#55 No More Playing Video Games And Relaxing For You After Work Dad

Image credits: HellNahBroFT

#56 Miss Runty Pleading Her Case

Image credits: Squixel

#57 Cute Little Criminal Wants To Play Again

Image credits: qtwendy0423

#58 This Is George. He's A Survivor Of Fleas, Reciever Of Cuddles And Was Abandoned By His Mother. He's About 6 Weeks Old Now And Pretty Happy To Live With Me Instead

Image credits:

#59 Angela’s First Night With Us

Image credits: BrahmAnon

#60 Lining Up For Their Mug Shot

Image credits: mochiimomo

#61 "These Are Nice Shoes, It'd Be A Shame Something Happened To Them"

Image credits: bobeth1

#62 Hi! I’m Lif

Image credits: theenkos

#63 My Husband Rescued This Little Girl From An Adult Male Cat About To Attack. Mom Couldn't Help And Had Taken Off, She Hasn't Been Back And He's A Full Fledged Cat Dad In Three Days And Is Nervous About How Small She Is! Vet Visits Coming, No Advice Needed Thank You

Image credits: November-8485

#64 I Took Loki To The Vet Today, He Weighed 1.5 Lbs And Was Too Young For His Vaccinations

Image credits: j308887

#65 I Encountered A Band Of Absurdly Cute Criminals Today

Image credits: littleglitter_

#66 Criminal Has Taken Me Hostage, I Fear I May Never Get My Finger Back!

Image credits: [deleted]

#67 I Apparently Did Wake Her Nap

Image credits: OfTheBridge37

#68 Falling Asleep While Getting Pet, I Wasn’t Gonna Use That Hand For The Next Hour Anyway

Image credits: DumitruLozovanu

#69 Are They Smol Enough?

Image credits:

#70 I’ve Posted My 16-Year-Old Smol Baby Before, But Here She Is Sleeping Face Down Like The Little Weirdo She Is

Image credits: sheworksforfudge

#71 "I Love You, Human"

Image credits: regian24

#72 My Cat Got Spayed And Was Given A Onesie Instead Of A Cone Of Shame. Now She’s A Sausage Roll

Image credits: maggiesbiggestfan