Things That Make Me Smile 4/24/20

Jake (14), Alyssa (12), Zac (10), Tyler (8), Nicholas (5)

Happy Friday! This week we laughed a lot while practicing trick shots and recreating baby pictures, enjoyed our April Christmas Experience with a smorgasbord ice cream sundae bar at home, and Jake entered a coding contest with hundreds of kids and placed in the top few.

1. Documentary about the ocean: "Cuttlefish are very dangerous."
Tyler: "But . . . they cuddle!"

2. Alyssa, about a contest: "If I do win, I'm going to set aside my tithe and then use the rest of the money to buy fabric for a quilt."

3. Nicholas, circling T words on a worksheet, seeing a turkey: "Mmmmmeat. Mmm Mmmeat. Nope."

4.  Nicholas, about Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes: "I want to go back to the sandy desert."

5. Alyssa sewed a sock bunny.

6. Nicholas, about a  Pirates of the Caribbean Lego set: "Jake, you know your Pirates Carabiner guy?"

7. Nicholas: "Oh, no! I swallowed my gum!"
Me: "Well, that’s not good. You’re not supposed to do that."
Nicholas: " I didn’t! My throat did it. Sometimes it tries to get my gum and I have to save it. Sometimes I miss though."

8. Alyssa, laughing: "Mom warned me, but I didn't listen!"
Jake: "Do you know how many times that has applied to my life?"

9. Alyssa: "I used to think Siamese cats were connected, like people. That would be cool. Two cats for the price of one!"

10. Nicholas, putting his cheek to my face, like he was checking for a fever: "You have a cold."
Me, perfectly healthy: "Do I?"
Nicholas: "No, you have a warm."

11. Nicholas didn't want to clean up his Legos that were all over the living room floor, so I jokingly asked if he wanted to trade jobs and clean the kitchen for me instead. That excited him. I cleaned up the toys, fully expecting to finish off the kitchen afterward. But he washed the dishes, wiped down the table and counters, and even swept. All by himself! He was almost as proud of himself as I was.

12. Tyler, solving a riddle in his math book: "What is light as a feather, but you cannot hold? It's supposed to be your breath, but you can hold your breath."

13. Me, from the kitchen: "Tyler, don't be disgusting."
Tyler, laughing: "Who told you?"
Me: "No one. I'm a mom; I know things."
Tyler: "Ok, where am I?"
Me: "In the living room."
Tyler: "What am I sitting on?"
Me: "Your blanket."
Tyler: "Aah! Ok, what was the last word I said?"
Me: "Said."
Tyler: "Aah!! Man! You're good!"

What made you Smile this week?

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