The Weekday Sock Collection - 3-7s

Vendor: Irish Socksciety
Type: Bundle
Price: 45.00

With this weekday sock collection, you can be sure to always have a fun, comfortable and very, very wearable pair of socks to hand.

These socks will brighten up the office/zoom meetings no end. A great gift for the sock lovers in your life.

Each weekday collection contains 5 pairs of socks sized 3-7s, including:

1x pair of Absolute Legend socks

1 x pair of Feck It socks

1 x Pair of Bosco socks

1 x pair of Dublin Socks

1 x pair of Full Irish socks.

The irish socksciety are Alex and Joanna, a pair of best friends based in Galway who dance, laugh and work together. They are the kind of people who usually wear baggy, black or grey clothes but socks, socks are very special to them. They choose them very carefully, sometimes odd socks, sometimes patterned or themed and always lots of colour. That’s why designing socks is what they are passionate about. These socks brighten up any occasion from a boring business meeting to a wonderful wedding, lunch with family or party with mates. 

What's it made of?
80% cotton, 17% polymide, 3% elastane. machine washable

How does it come?
Each bundle contains 5 pair of socks sized 3-7s. On a recyclable card label. Available in size 3-7