The Best Pilates Socks

If you dont have the right socks, you may find yourself slipping and sliding during your pilates class.

Best Toeless

Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women

Enjoy the barefoot sensation of these ethical and eco-friendly toeless socks.

What We Liked:

These toeless pilates socks are designed to allow freedom of movement and the stitched heel will keep them firmly on your feet. The non-slip bottoms are thick enough to wear well and will absorb any stress put on your feet. These socks are recycled cotton and made in an ethical, sweatshop-free factory. Ding: These socks are only made to fit women whose fit are a size six through size nine.

Most Breathable

Wander G Pilates Socks

Open and breathable, these socks are a great pick if you plan to sweat.

What We Liked:

The open design of this sock will keep your feet from getting sweaty and stuffy. In case you still find yourself sweating, the material is designed to absorb and evaporate your sweat. We were also impressed by the number of non-slip dots on the bottom of these socks, which will help you keep your grip no matter what. These socks come in two sizes, which will fit women between the sizes of four and 12. Get them today.

Best Ballet Style

Ozaiic Yoga Socks

Secure and padded, these socks are just like lightweight shoes.

What We Liked:

Ozaiics yoga socks are designed in the ballet style, which includes straps to keep the sock firmly on your foot. The interior of the sock is padded to prevent blisters and calluses, making it sturdy enough to almost feel like a lightweight shoe. The non-skid grips on the underside of the sock are even in a fun and eye-catching pattern. Note: Fits sizes five and a half to 11. They're available today.

Best Full Sock

Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Especially study, this sock is comfortable in shoes and out of them.

What We Liked:

This is the only sock on our list that doesnt have cutouts for coolness, but it makes up for it in its excellent sweat absorption and evaporation technology. The fabric may be thick and sturdy, but your foot will stay cool through the pilates work out. These socks will also be comfortable in shoes, so theres no need to bring an extra pair to wear home after class. You can find them in six different colors. They're available now.