The 22 Best Water Shoes Will Make You Want To Ditch Flip-Flops for Good

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We won’t tell you flip-flops don’t have a place in the world. A short walk to the pool, navigating sun-soaked sand or a quick breakfast jaunt are all perfectly suited situations for such flimsy footwear. But when it comes to sturdy footwear you can sport comfortably all day long, flip-flops just aren’t up to the job. That’s why water shoes for men exist.

The best water shoes for men, also known as beach shoes, are great for taking on rough, rock-filled areas of the beach, walking through the wave break and crossing forest streams. These shoes are even solid enough for boating or trekking without rubbing and chafing. (Goodbye, blisters!)

This type of shoe usually has a sneaker-like appearance and often covers your whole foot; however, there are also sandal-style water shoes. No matter the style of footwear, they’re constructed from materials that allow quick water drainage. Then there are the tough outsoles, which provide protection from rough, underfoot surfaces. Many models also ditch the laces for a more user-friendly experience.


What To Look for When Buying Water Shoes

Some watersports do require specific footwear, such as surf booties. However, for more general-purpose use a reliable pair of water shoes is essential if you’re heading to the beach or hiking through creeks and rivers. When it comes to choosing the best beach shoes for men, it’s important to consider the following aspects:

  • Purpose – Are you just looking to upgrade your existing flip-flops or do you need shoes that are capable of fast, action-filled movements? The activities you intend to do in your water shoes should have a big impact on your final choice. Some of the men’s water shoes below are designed for running and hiking, while others are better suited to casual days at the beach.
  • Style – For some people, the idea of wearing flip-flops is repulsive. Not because of the feel, but because of their appearance. If style is at the top of your priority list, some of the best men’s water shoes balance function with a big dose of style.
  • Durability – In general, the more you pay for your shoes, the longer they’re going to last. However, if you only go to the beach twice a year, there’s no need to shell out on fancy beach footwear. But, if you hit the beach on a daily basis, it’s worth investing in a pair of beach shoes that are built to last.
  • Comfort – One of the biggest considerations to take into account is comfort. This is especially true if you’re going to use your shoes for more than a short walk to the beach. If you will be wearing your beach shoes for extended periods, consider more padded options that have made comfort a priority.
  • Sole Thickness/Foot Security – Half the reason to wear shoes in the first place is the security and protection they offer your feet. When choosing shoes, make sure the pair you pick provides the right sole and upper materials for your chosen activities.
  • Do They Float? – If you spend a lot of time on your boat, then you may want to invest in floating boat shoes, such as the Sperry Boat Float Shoes.
  • Men’s, Women’s and Unisex: Many of the options featured below are sized for men; however, most of these water sneakers also come in women’s sizes. In addition, some of the best water shoes are unisex, so choose your size accordingly before adding them to the cart.

Stop putting your flip flops in situations they just can’t handle and enjoy a pair of shoes built for watery tasks at home, on the beach or when you’re taking on water-filled environments. Keep reading to find the best beach shoes for men getting ready for warmer weather.


1. Crocs Classic Clog


We were tempted to skip these divisive Croc Classic Clogs. But on greater reflection, with more than 275,000 ratings, positive reviews from over 95% of users and endless testimonies from people saying how they thought they would hate them and ended up falling in love, we just couldn’t ignore them. Granted, their appearance is unlikely to win any beauty competitions but their functionality, comfort, security, ease of cleaning and general quality certainly make a compelling argument to name these the best beach shoes for men.

These lightweight water shoes are made from 100% Croslite and include a tough, synthetic sole. They also come in an impressive range of colors, meaning each household member can have their own identifying color. Love them or hate them, Crocs absolutely deserve to be considered with the best men’s water shoes form outdoor brands like Merrell, KEEN and ALEADER.

We love Crocs so much that we even named them one of the best products of the year in the 2021 Man, our end-of-year product awards.

Crocs Classic Clog

Buy: Crocs Classic Clog $39.22 (orig. $49.99) 22% OFF


2. Columbia Okolona Water Shoes


The Columbia Okolona Water Shoes could easily be confused with a normal pair of Columbia sneakers, and they have everything we look for in the best beach shoes for men. The tough and rugged exterior provides the same protection for your feet as many average pairs of outdoor shoes. However, the synthetic materials used in the construction of the upper provide a breathable experience, which is ideal for wet conditions. Plus, the sock-like fit ensures these puppies won’t fall off when submerged, while the rubber sole sports high traction to deliver plenty of grip whether you’re climbing over rocks or crossing a boat’s deck. If you prefer sneaker-style water shoes to slip-ons, consider these stylish and durable water shoes.

Columbia Okolona Water Shoes

Buy: Columbia Okolona Water Shoes $85.00


3. Quicksilver Amphibian Plus II


Quicksilver is best known for surf and skate apparel, and they make some of the best water shoes for men, too. Unlike most awkward beach shoes, Quicksilver’s Amphibian Plus line of water sneakers could be worn on the street without looking like a total dork. The soles feature holes for effective water drainage, while the supper is constructed from a single piece of mesh. With plenty of traction, you can wear these at the beach, in the water, on a boat or anywhere else your summer adventures take you.

Quicksilver Amphibian Plus II

Buy: Quicksilver Amphibian Plus II $89.95


4. ALEADER Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes


These ALEADER Mesh Slip Ons are a solid water shoe choice as they are extremely comfortable, no matter whether you’re doing water or land-based activities. The solyte midsole gives them a lightweight feel which will have you leaping from rocks and back into the water in comfort. Additionally, the quick-drying mesh material effectively filters out water and keeps your feet cool and comfortable in both hot and humid environments. The under-foot traction also aids with steep climbs and adventurous trail walks. We’re also big fans of the stylish design, colorway choices and affordable price. So if you’re looking for the best water shoes under $30, slip into these before your next summer getaway.

ALEADER Mesh Slip On

Buy: ALEADER Mesh Slip On $27.99


5. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Hiking Sandals


These KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandals are made for a waterfront lifestyle. Whether that’s days at the beach, wading through streams or living in a particularly rainy environment, these sandals are rough and ready. The rubber sole, which includes a full toe covering, puts plenty of distance between your feet and any potential hazards. The razor grip on the underside offers traction on slippery surfaces, while the quick lace bungee system ensures the shoes remain secure on your feet, even when you’re running or swimming. Additionally, the sandals come in a range of color combinations, meaning there’s almost certainly a pair to suit your style.

While most of our selections for the best water shoes of 2022 look more like sneakers, these durable sandals are well suited for beaches, trails and boats alike. They’re also one of the most popular water shoes of the season, and they’ve earned more than 17,000 reviews from Amazon customers. These popular hiking sandals are perfect for slippery, rocky terrain, but they’re also a great pick for casual strolls on the beach.

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Hiking Sandals

Buy: KEEN Men's Newport H2 Hiking Sandals $129.95


6. Speedo Tidal Cruiser


Putting on wet shoes is rarely easy. Water-saturated materials tend to stick to your skin and make the whole process tedious. These Speedo Tidal Cruisers solve this problem by using a laceless design that simply slips onto your feet. The neoprene upper stretches to allow your feet inside with ease, and the heel loops add additional leverage. Each shoe is made with ventilation so you can expect your feet to dry in a matter of minutes once you’re out of the water.

Speedo Tidal Cruiser

Buy: Speedo Tidal Cruiser $30.00


7. Body Glove Dynamo Rapid Water Shoes


Do you love to go running on the beach? Or maybe you need reliable men’s water shoes for summer hiking adventures? Then you’ll want to invest in the Men’s Dynamo Rapid Water Shoes from Body Glove, a surf brand that also makes some of the best water shoes of the season. These amphibious water shoes were designed to perform equally well on land and at sea, and they feature an ultra-grip rubber sole that can handle all types of terrain and a comfortable mesh upper. With fast drainage and great traction, they have everything you need in a pair of water shoes, including a stylish design and a reasonable $50 price tag.

Body Glove Dynamo Rapid Water Shoes

Buy: Body Glove Dynamo Rapid Water Shoes $35.00 (orig. $50.00) 30% OFF


8. Sperry Float Floating Boat Shoes


Looking for the best water shoes that will also float to the surface if they slip off your feet? Then invest in a pair of Sperry Float Boat Shoes, which are as buoyant as they are comfortable. Drainage holes keep your feet dry while a textured sole keep your feet firmly on the ground. These shoes are 100% waterproof and come in a range of snazzy colors, perfect for summer days on the water. According to Sperry, they’re designed to be roomy, so “if you’re a half size, size down for [the] best fit.”

sperry floating boat shoes, best water shoes 2021

Buy: Sperry Boat Shoes $44.95


9. Merrell Hydro Moc


These easy on and off “mocassin” water shoes are built for days on end in and around your favorite body of water. The local lake? Sure. The stream near your house? Go for it. The Mediterranean? Sure. A puddle? Why not? These single-density water shoes easily allow for water to flow in and out through the various holes placed on top. There is an arch to keep your feet feeling comfortable and they’re also great for walking in non-water locations.

Merrell Hydro Moc

Buy: Merrell Hydro Moc $55.00


10. Body Glove Hydro Knit Siphon Water Shoes


Body Glove is popular among surfers for reliable performance shoes and apparel, all of which are designed to fit you like a glove. Body Glove also has a line of affordable water shoes for men and women, and the brand’s Siphon water shoes are perfect for walking the beach, swimming, kayaking, boating, beach yoga and anything else you can think to do on, near or in the water. These shoes feature a Hydro Knit 4-way stretch upper that’s breathable yet close-fitting. Underneath you’ll find an ultra-grip rubber outsole for protection and traction. These sneakers also have an Integrated Drainage System to keep your feet dry when you step back onto dry land.

Body Glove Hydro Knit Siphon Water Shoes

Buy: Body Glove Hydro Knit Siphon Water Shoes $35.00


11. YALOX Unisex Water Shoes


If you’re not heading to the beach every day and just looking for a budget-friendly and reliable pair of the best beach shoes for the odd occasion, definitely consider these YALOX Water Shoes. They’re available in a range of subdued and elaborate colors and boast fast-drying technology which means your feet never stay wet for too long. They also include a non-slip surface on the sole and weigh less than 100 grams, making it feel like you have nothing on your feet at all. Additionally, these slip-on-style unisex shoes have loops located in the back for added purchase when putting them on.

YALOX Unisex Water Shoes

Buy: YALOX Water Shoes $7.88 (orig. $23.99) 67% OFF


12. SIMARI Men’s Beach Shoes


If you’re after some sneaker-style shoes which are capable of dealing with water-filled environments, then the unisex SIMARI Men’s Beach Shoes definitely fit the bill. The rough and ready design includes a drawstring, lace-up system which ensures the shoes remain secure and comfortable, while the built-in heel loop gives you added purchase when putting them on. They’re available in a range of different colors and include a tough, rubber sole to allow you to walk on hot and rocky surfaces without any trouble. Additionally, the sneaker-like style gives these shoes a more casual appearance which won’t stick out as much as other options on our list.

SIMARI Men's Beach Shoes

Buy: SIMARI Men's Beach Shoes $28.98 (orig. $39.99) 28% OFF


13. SEEKWAY Men’s Water Shoes


The SEEKWAY Men’s Water Shoes come in a range of different styles and feature a design that’s focused on keeping you comfortable. They are constructed from 92% polyester and include a smooth neck which prevents chafing and discomfort when the shoes are on your feet. For added comfort, there’s added cushioning, and the rubber soles keep a protective barrier between your feet and any sharp rocks or extremely hot surfaces. These waterproof shoes are great for beach-based activities including yoga, surfing, sailing, water parks and fishing.

SEEKWAY Mens Water Shoes

Buy: SEEKWAY Mens Water Shoes $14.98 (orig. $19.99) 25% OFF


14. L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes


Picture this: it’s a hot summer day, you’re hiking in the middle of the woods with a couple of friends with a destination in mind. You’re carrying a backpack full of snacks and sandwiches, your friend’s got a couple of brews as he trails behind you in a cooler, your other friend has a portable speaker he’s bringing to where you’re headed. But, where is it exactly that you’re headed? To the cliffs. It’s time to get cliff jumping. These hiking water shoes are exactly what you should be wearing when hiking to a cliff jumping destination or any other body of water that anticipates a bit of a walk. Your feet will stay comfortable the whole day through and safe from any jagged rocks or unseen branches.

L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

Buy: L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes $32.99


15. Under Armor Kilchis Fishing Shoes


Stay protected and dry while reeling in the big one with these highly breathable, quick-dry runners, which are comfy and stylish. The contoured midsole is designed for quick drainage, keeping water away from your feet so you can stay drier longer, especially if water happens to get in the boat or on that deck. We’re also into the foam midsole, which is like a hug for tired soles, while the non-marking rubber outsole offers a firm and steady grip on smooth and wet surfaces, helping you to stay safe each and every time you cast that hook. 

Under Armor water shoes for fishing
Buy: Under Armor Kilchis Fishing Shoes $80.00


16. North Face Men’s Skagit Water Shoe


Sometimes you just need kicks that can get you through the entire day, from land to water and back again. These versatile (and breathable!) water shoes from North Face are always ready for action thanks to the quick-drying mesh material and anti-odor finish, which is always an important consideration. The sole, meanwhile, is removable for a quicker dry and easy clean, and the outsole features a top-tier traction system for maximum grip no matter what the terrain. There are plenty of other considerations that make this one a top pick as well, like the mono-mesh screens that prevent debris from entering the shoe and the toggle closure for max comfort.

North Face water shoes
Buy: North Face Men’s Skagit Water Shoe $95.00


17. Neo-Sport Premium Neoprene Men’s Wetsuit Boots


These Neo-Sport Premium Neoprene Men Wetsuit Boots are a versatile water shoe answer which can come in handy even if you’re not using them for surfing or diving. They are made from strong yet stretchy neoprene which is an excellent water-repelling material, meaning it’s easy to empty your shoes when you want to stay dry again. They’re great for river walks or wading in the ocean and can keep your feet surprisingly dry and comfortable throughout. Check these shoes out if you want a more durable and resilient water shoe that can also be used for boating and other water sports.

water shoes for men neoprene

Buy: Neo-Sport Premium Neoprene Men Wetsuit Boots $51.95


18. Teva Men’s Hurricane Sport Sandal


Whether you’re looking for a water shoe to get you through a ravine-filled hike or something that you can kick back in at the waterpark with the kids, Teva’s sport sandal offers a total solution. It’s made from quick-drying webbing to keep those blisters at bay but it also offers a rugged outsole that gives amazing traction and protection. The heel also offers a shock pad to help absorb impact when you’re on the go but we particularly love how easy and sturdy the hook-and-loop closures are to use.

Teva Hurricane water shoes

Buy: Teva Men's Hurricane Sport Sandal $65.00


19. Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama Vent Loco Relaxed III Shoe


If you’re looking for a runner that can withstand some contact with water but that you don’t plan on actually wading water in, Columbia offers a decent pair of kicks. These water shoes are a mix of canvas and leather on top that make them feel like an everyday pair of shoes. However, the soles are game-changing thanks to the water (and fish gut) resistant treatment, midsole vent ports and a wet-grip outsole.

Columbia water shoes

Buy: Columbia Men's PFG Bahama Vent Loco Relaxed III Shoe $56.25


20. Reef Rover Flip Flops


Alright, while it’s not always easy to walk around in a pair of wet flip flops, these Reef Rover flips are the best you’re going to get. Yes, we know we knocked them in the beginning, but hear us out. Sure, your feet might slip and slide around in the beginning, but they don’t saturate with water so they will eventually dry. They have a decent sole to keep you grounded at all times and are effortless to slip on.

Reef Rover Flip Flops

Buy: Reef Rover Flip Flops $50.00


21. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes


With over 40 different design options to choose from and an extremely budget-friendly price, the VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes are an easy choice for anyone after individuality and style in water-based environments. These men’s water shoes feature a rubber sole for protection from sharp objects, while the smooth design around the neck helps to prevent unwanted chafing throughout the day. The breathable and stretchy fabric also ensures a secure fit around your feet all while remaining at a comfortable temperature. Plus, the versatile style makes these shoes great for all activities, including jogging, cycling and boating.

water shoes for men vifuur

Buy: VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes $13.98 (orig. $19.99) 30% OFF


22. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes


One thing people hate about wearing footwear in or around water is having to deal with wet, squelchy feet for hours after. These Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes address that problem by including an upper and sole which lets water escape the instant you step out, meaning the drying process starts right away. This design also lets your feet breathe and keeps them comfortable in warmer temperatures, too. Additionally, you’ll find a drawstring closure that keeps the shoes secure on your feet in even the wettest and most slippery places. Combining the flexibility of a lace-up with the convenience of a slip-on, these are some of the best men’s beach shoes under $50.

best water shoes for men - Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Buy: Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes $29.99


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Some FAQs About the Best Water Shoes for Men

What are water shoes?

Water shoes are exactly what they sound like — shoes you can wear in the water. The best water shoes should be as comfortable and secure when they're totally submerged in the water as they are when you're on land. Water shoes come in a variety of styles including lace-up sneakers, sandals, slip-ons and water socks. No matter the style, they all have a few features in common: grippy performance soles, drainage systems and water-friendly materials.

Where do you buy water shoes?

You can purchase water shoes at any major retailer that sells clothing online, but your best bet is likely going to be Amazon or Zappos given the number of options available for not only men, but women and children as well.

Are Crocs water shoes?

Crocs can absolutely be considered water shoes. They work perfectly in both the water and land alike. That being said, if you're planning on participating in active watersports, the standard Crocs clogs aren't your best option.

What are the best water shoes?

For Summer 2022, the best water shoes are your classic pair of Crocs. Crocs combine a now-deemed stylish design with a comfortable fit and high-performance features. Designed to support your feet in the water, they're equally ready for the land and sea.

How much do water shoes cost?

Water shoes come in a wide range of prices. Cheap slip-on water shoes, also called water socks, can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $8. Most water shoes are priced between $30 and $60. At the high end, you can buy sports-ready water sneakers and hiking shoes for about $100.

What are the top water shoe brands in 2022?

You can buy these shoes from tons of different brands, but in our experience, the best water shoes come from familiar brands such as Crocs, Body Glove, Speedo, Adidas, KEEN and Merrell. These brands have plenty of experience designing water-friendly footwear and have plenty of options for women, men and kids.