The 11 Best Gifts For Dog Owners (And Their Dogs)

Its no secret that Americans love their pets, specifically their dogs. And this Christmas, many pet owners will be looking for gifts for good girls and boys (or presents for their fellow pet owners). Getting another bag of treats or that $10 stocking from PetCo full of soon-to-be-masticated toys? Boring. Thats why weve compiled the best gifts for dogs and dog owners ranging from subscription boxes to power chewer Kongs to dog beds to some stylish threads. Its really remarkable how many cool canine collectibles are out there if you know where to look. The best place to start? Right here.

Stuff this bad boy with peanut butter and put it in the freezer.

Almost every dog owner has one of these KONGs, which comes in several different varietes. Black is for power chewers, red is for the normal dogs, and pink and blue are for pint-sized pets. Look for the right KONG that corresponds chewing ability and mouth size of the doggo in question. The toys are great to stuff with peanut butter, ice cubes, or yogurt and put in the freezer for extended licking and chewing use. Also great to throw in the crate and help dogs with separation anxiety have something to focus their energy on. The toy is a classic for a reason.

For the dog who eats way, way, way too fast.

There are some dogs who can walk away from their meal mid-bowl and come back to it hours later, and there are others that stand over it and finish the meal in two minutes or under, flat. Unfortunately for the latter, that type of eating is seriously unhealthy. Thats why the Outward Hound Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is actually, well, useful: its a dog bowl that has ridges inside the bowl in order to make it harder for speed-eaters to get their food out quickly. Its not exactly the sexiest toy on the list. But it is pretty important.

For the strongest of the tug-of-warrers.

For the dogs who love to play tug of war, love squeaky toys, but find it easy to destroy fabric toys, this toy can hold up to 220 pounds of pulling pressure. Its also made out of fire-house material, ensuring that even the toughest power chewers cant tear through the toy with ease.

Every dog loves a bone.

These bones, stuffed and covered with marrow and meatstuffs, will keep a dog occupied for hours and hours. Made for persistent power chewers, this high-end bite basic will last a few month at minimum, which is pretty damn good by Pit Bull standards. Got a Chihuaha? These bones will last forever.

For when its raining cats and dogs.

Dogs still need their walkies when it rains. This raincoat helps even the most sensitive of dogs who hate the rain get out there and explore the outdoors. The coat comes in three different sizes and has a reflective lining so that the pooch wearing it can be visible in the dark. Plus, dogs in raincoats are extremely cute.

A good dog bed is hard to find!

While not literally a donut, this spherical dog bed is good for any size and age dog. The bed, soft and snuggly, provides pets a good place to curl up while also giving them neck and joint support, making it a key choice for the senior good boys among us. And itssuper fuzzy and soft. Pets who like to burrow will find this dog bed irresistible.

For the dogs who need mental stimulation as much as they need physical stimulation.

Dogs need physical exercise just as much as they need mental stimulation, and the IQ treat ball is a great way to keep a dogs brain working without having to stand over them and monitor their play. Simply drop half a cup of dog treats or kibble in the ball and let them work away.

Squeaky, bouncy, ball-y. Good.

The KONG jumbler ball dog toy is perfect for one-on-one play (two handles on each side of the ball provide grips for both a dogs mouth and an owners hand) but the tennis ball inside (along with the squeaker function on the outer ball) also make it a toy that is stimulating enough that dogs will also want to play with it on their own. Tug of war, solo play, and fetch are all possible with this three-in-one entertainer. Its also long-lasting for the power chewers and comes in different colors and sizes.

It's basically a sock, but for your single-use plastic water bottles, not your foot.

Specially recommended by a Fatherly staffer, this bottle cruncher toy is perfect for the pet who just loves noise-heavy toys but is too strong for the traditional rubber squeakers. Its as simple as drinking a water bottle, stuffing it in the cruncher stick dog toy, and letting the dog in question get to work. The best part about it? Dogs can play without an owner worrying theyll cut their mouth or try to swallow any plastic.

For the working pet parent who wants to know if their furry friend sits on the couch when theyre not home.

For pet parents who work full time or leave their pets behind often, the Furbo pet camera is a great get. It has an HD camera with a 160 degree wide angle lens, night vision, 2-way audio, treat tossing, and alerts Furbo owners of when their pet is barking.

The gift that keeps on giving.

BarkBox is supremely popular, with 600,000 monthly subscribers checking their mailbox every month for their box filled with toys for their dog, and for a good reason. Not only is BarkBox a great gift for dog owners, its also a great gift for dog owners who have dogs who are, uh, a bit stronger. BarkBox recently released a superchewer line for dogs with a terrier mentality (or just powerful jaws).

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