The 10 Best Pairs of Tube Socks That Prove Long Socks Are Always a Good Decision

Now that we’re in the midst of feeling the warm embrace of spring, we must also prepare for the muggy heat of summer. One way to prepare for the summer heat is to invest in the appropriate pair of socks. Now, you may be expecting us to talk about ankle socks or no-show socks, but no. Not this summer. This summer we’re all in on pairing the best men’s shorts with tube socks. Whym you ask? Style, baby.

Tube socks are known for having the characteristics of a long top featured in a ribbed knit fabric. They also, typically, come cushioned with support that will make extended wearing even more comfortable. Also, one of the most annoying things about the spring and summertime are the nagging mosquitos and tube socks help to make sure that the pesky critters won’t bite you on your calves.

But outside of the practicality of fending off those blood-sucking bugs, tube socks are a little silly. And after the past year we all had, we could use some silly.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite pairs of tube socks for spring and summer 2021. These options will put some pep in your step and some flair within your sock arsenal.
   1. Entireworld Recycled Cotton Double Stripe Socks

One of the fashion industry’s biggest niches right now is sustainability. And this option from Entireworld is made from recycled cotton and has a vintage look. The fabric is dry and slightly slubby, but the socks are still comfortable and functional. As for caring for the socks, Entireworld advises you to not machine wash or dry clean them, nor should you iron them.
Buy: Buy Entireworld Recycled Cotton Double Stripe… $15.00    2. Los Angeles Apparel Unisex 3-Stripe Calf Sock

Los Angeles Apparel is the younger sister brand of American Apparel. The unisex three-stripe calf sock hits all the markers of being casual yet very functional while helping to carry the same idea of basic casuals and eye-catching advertising. This style comes in eight colorways and helps keep your feet dry during those really hot moments. They also have an extra cushion at the bottom for extra comfort and support during extended wear.
Buy: Buy Los Angeles Apparel Unisex 3-Stripe Calf Socks $9.00    3. Urban Outfitters Repeat Sunflower Crew Sock

For those who are more on the adventurous side, Urban Outfitters has several options for you that feature interesting designs. Most, if not all, of UO’s sock options, are made with a cotton-poly blend. Also, most feature a rib-knit cuff which makes sure that the socks stay up and remain comfortable during the entire day.

Buy: Buy Urban Outfitters Repeat Sunflower Crew Sock $10.00    4. Bombas Men’s Vintage Stripe Calf Socks

Taking inspiration from the ’60s and ’70s, Bombas’ Vintage Stripe Calf Socks are efficient and help the greater good. They have the Bombas’ signature “Stay-Up” technology, which helps to create the perfect tension level so that your socks stay firmly in place. One of the biggest initiatives of Bombas is that whenever you purchase a pair of socks, they donate a pair to a person in need, which is all the more reason to buy this option.
Buy: Buy Bombas Men's Vintage Stripe Calf Socks $12.00    5. UNIQLO Men Pile Striped Socks

This option from Uniqlo uses a pile fabric to make sure that the heel gets reinforced and that the toes stretch for maximum comfort. They come with odor control and DRY technology to make sure that your feet remain dry and smell-free all day. The socks also feature pile cushioning on the heel and toes for a sneaker-like fit that’s sure to make you forget that you’re even wearing socks.
   6. Rocky Men’s Striped Tube Socks

If you’re looking for a multipack that has a variety of colors, this pack from Rocky is right up your alley. Featuring soft-seam toes, these pair of socks make it easier to avoid the annoying rubbing that other options tend to offer. They also encompass the entire calf, which helps to support your calf and make walking, running and strolling — for example, while looking for snacks in the grocery store — a piece of cake, no pun intended.

Buy: Rocky Men's Striped Tube Socks $26.99
   7. Old Navy Striped Rib-Knit Gender-Neutral Tube Socks for Adults

This option from Old Navy is simple and effective. They feature ribbed cuffs and feature cotton, spandex and polyester. Featuring two eye-catching black stripes at the top of the socks, this pair is for those of you that just want a pair of socks.
Buy: Buy Old Navy Striped Rib-Knit Gender-Neutral Tube… $9.99    8. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Tube Socks

One of the most trusted brands for undergarments and socks alike is Hanes. Known for its signature quality and comfort, Hanes produces many stellar basics, but for the sake of this roundup, we’ll be talking about the brand’s tube socks. They are plain and tall, which helps support your legs and increase your comfort. Also, they feature extra-thick cushioning on the arches that help increase the comfort in your arches.
Buy: Hanes Men's FreshIQ Tube Socks $18.06    9. Lorenzo Uomo 3-Pack Sport Socks Mid-Calf

A known name in menswear, Lorenzo Uomo brings you a striking pair of tube socks that are sure to suit your fancy. The socks feature the brand’s signature Coolmax yarn that features compression technology, which helps to improve circulation. Also, the sock features upper foot vents, arch support grips and baby terry within the foot of the sock. For optimum care, wash these socks on a gentle cycle with warm water and dry them with low heat.
Buy: Buy Lorenzo Uomo 3-Pack Sport Socks Mid-Calf $18.00    10. H&M 5-Pack Socks

Another variety pack on our list comes from H&M. Featuring the colors black and white, this pack has the perfect amount of duality and neutrality. They are made with a cotton blend and features elastic in the top of the sock. If you’re looking for a semi-normal pair of tube socks with no frills, then this option is for you.
Buy: Buy H&M 5-Pack Socks $12.99   
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