Take the BIG Stress out of your Relocation

Planning to move this spring? Don't let them see you sweat! Here are 5 reasons why you should hire Org & Relo to coordinate your move:

1. Time is Money
Be realistic with your timeline. *It takes an estimated 24-36 hours (without distractions or breaks) for the average person to pack a 4-bedroom house. And, that doesn't include living life in between boxes.

2. Your Treasures are our Treasures
When you hire us to unpack and organize, rest assured that you’re doing it right the first time. We handle complicated projects with utmost efficiency and care, which reduces the stress of moving.

3. Confidentiality
Moving is an up close and personal project. There aren't many industries where you'll find yourself elbow deep in a client's underwear drawer within the first 24 hours. Our teams of professional organizers, understand and respect the importance of privacy and confidentiality during this time.

4. It's All in the Details
Moving boxes is one thing. Unpacking and organizing them is a whole nother ball game. Org & Relo does it all. We handle every last detail so that you don't have to. Everything from Pre-Move Prep to recommending the best movers, unpacking, and even setting up systems of organization tailored to your family's lifestyle.

5. Peace of Mind
Moving is the 3rd most stressful life event behind death and divorce. Let us carry the weight, both physically and emotionally. We'll go over every question or concern in our introduction session to make sure we're both on the same page before the move.
Want to be hands off for the move? Organization & Relocation will manage your move from start to finish! Contact us today for a consultation.