We had a sunny day today! Hooray! I took this picture of a Chickadee, the only bird I saw this morning and you can see by the fence shadows that it's sunny out there. It wasn't warm, not by any stretch of the imagination, never getting above freezing but it was sunny and I was glad.

This morning I went down to the Central Library to find a few books to sort and another sorter to work with. She was boxing up books from full bins and I sorted the books on the cart. Most of the cart books when into War or Religion, two very different areas of study but close in the Dewey Decimal System. She noticed that two of the boxes of Cookbooks were starting to crush from the weight of the boxes on top of them so we dug them out and she, being much more experienced than I am, undertook to repack the boxes tighter so they didn't collapse. She said that a few years ago a whole stack of full boxes fell because the lower boxes weren't filled correctly. Fortunately no one was hurt. We were glad to clear the tables and the cart of books today. The head sorter's wife stopped by to see how things were looking to report back to him and we introduced ourselves. She worked in the library for about 35 years and actually remembered me. I was amazed since it's been over 44 years since I worked there.

I had a bit of writing success today, got over 1800 words down, but once again there isn't a lot of conflict. I need to quit chickening out and really sock it to my characters.

On the next page of How to Draw People were these opposites--Wimpy and Strong. I'm not a big fan of calling someone wimpy but I guess that people weren't as touchy in the 70s when that book was written as they are now. Would "weak" be a better way of putting it? I don't know. Both of these characters were fun to draw but I think I like the wimp best although I think the bristles of hair on the strong man's legs are pretty funny.

Next in 10-Steps: Nature was this trio of seashells. I was sure that I'd have difficulty drawing them but I think they turned out okay.  You've probably noticed that I'm saving the last few figures. I don't know exactly how many are left but I'm eking them out so I don't run out too soon. I have another 10-Steps book by the same artist so I have high hopes for my success with those pictures.

I watched some DVR'd shows this evening and knitted a little but not enough to warrant another picture. Tomorrow is Friday Night Knitting which means three hours of constant knitting. I'll make progress then for sure. I missed DVR-ing a two episode PBS series on Tutankhamun last week but I found it on PBS Passport. The only problem is I have to watch Passport shows in my iPad. Maybe when DD is here for the holiday she can show me how to get Passport on my TV.