Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Rolling Solo at Home

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. So far we’ve covered a Valentine’s Date Night going out and dressed up, as well as a smart but casual Date Night in. But maybe it isn’t your year for love, or maybe you’re taking a break to focus on yourself. In either case, use Valentine’s night as an evening of relaxation with the picks below. Dressing comfortable but doing so with intention provides a mood booster. Enjoy the time with yourself, and look good doing it. Consider it a “guy’s night in” for one. (Top photo credit)

Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day Alone At Home

The Long Sleeve Tee: Guideboat Rowing Crew Tee – $31.20 FINAL ($118). Classic prep/Ivy-sports style gear is having a bit of a moment. And while the styles are pretty cool, some of the prices are nothing short of absurd for these fancy-pants “upscale athletics” brands (IE “I’m rich and I like to run and I spend zillions of dollars flying first class and staying in fancy hotels so I can do long distance “destination” races each year). So yeah, this gets you the look while still keeping your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Final sale though. Extra 20% off happens at checkout. If the stripe isn’t your thing, understood. A plain tee would obviously work here too.

The Watch: Navi Harbour 41mm Fabric Strap Watch Stainless-Steel/Tan/Black – $103.20 w/ LOVE20 ($129). A nice casual/do just about anything sports watch good for the upcoming season, yet wearable now too.

The Belt: Canvas Web Belt – $10.99. Something to tie the shirt, chinos, and watch strap together, without precisely matching any of those items.

The Sweater: Amazon Essentials Men’s Long-Sleeve Soft Touch Shawl Collar Cardigan – $31.80. Simple. Affordable. Comfortable. Chunky stitch. Should wear comfortably on a casual night in.

The Pants: Modern Khakis in Athletic Taper with GapFlex- $47.70 w/ ADDON ($59.95). Because while sweatpants are the choice for some (single or coupled up)… they’re one step closer to a snuggie. So, pants! Specifically comfortable, washed, flexible chinos in a color that’s ready for spring (since spring is a little over a month away). Athletic cut so your gams will have room to breath, and a twill weave with GapFlex technology, so you can stretch out and relax.

The Shoes: New Balance 327 sneakers – $99.99. For some people slippers are a must for a night in. But for others, slippers just aren’t that comfortable. Because… what if you want to do something? Like clean. Or organize. Or go for a walk. Not every minute of every day needs to be productive. Far from it. But a pair of retro sneakers are both comfortable AND capable in case you want to clean out that sock drawer… or make a beer run before you settle in for the evening.

The Entertainment/Ear-Fuel for getting stuff done: Smartless Podcast. A new favorite hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. The chemistry between these three long time friends is charming, and every episode is full of funny, often irreverent humor that’ll have you sometimes chuckling, and sometimes laughing your butt off. Their interviews of famous people always turn up interesting tidbits. Kind of feels like being a fly on a wall at a meetup of very funny friends, which might be welcome for a while on a solo evening.

The Indulgent Provisions: Rogue Double Chocolate Stout & Trader Joe’s French Onion Mac & Cheese. Chocolate in a beer, and a decadently dressed up take on mac & cheese. Treat. Yo. Self.

The Unsolicited Annual Advice: If you can’t find a way to ever be happy with only your thoughts for company, then you’ll never truly be happy in a relationship. Better to be smartly single than stupidly attached for the sake of having companionship.