Style Scenario: The Love on Lockdown, Dressed Up Date at Home

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Your love is locked down… geographically speaking. But spicing things up indoors can be a serious mood-booster to you and your partner. Though you can’t go out, try to replicate some of the activities you might do on a night on the town: A nice dinner and drinks with a show, either a movie or the stand-up comedy specials that proliferate streaming services today. Maybe even have a paint-and-sip crafts and wine night. Get creative, both in what you do, and what you wear. Dress for the occasion, even if circumstances have changed. It will cultivate the right mood, both for you and your better half.

Style Scenario: The Love on Lockdown, Dressed Up Date at Home |

The Suit: Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit in Blue Weave – $450 w/ BNBS25 ($600). The anti-navy suit. I’m not referring to the branch of the armed forces patrolling our seas (thank you by the way), but the deep-hued blue that is foundational to men’s style. Navy is a must-have in your closet, be it a suit or blazer, but for this scenario I challenge you to eschew this hue for something with more pop, like this almost-royal blue. Rich, textured, and a standout. A perfect suit to make an impression. Bonobos offers a very similar suit for $100 less, but in a less-breathable cotton. For something even more affordable while utilizing phenomenal wools instead of cotton, SuitSupply has a slightly darker option. For $359!!

The Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt Button Down Collar Shirt in White – $79 or $50 if you buy 4Skip the tie for this date night, and put on a more casual button-downed collar. The suit is bold enough itself, so balance the look with a classic white shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt.

The Shoes: Sandro Moscoloni Wingtip in Brown – $85. Inexpensive and fun. Some might not want to take the risk with the heavy burnishing, but this is along the same lines as the button down collar shirt. This isn’t a job interview. It’s a dressed up but also dressed down look. Ships and returns free from Nordstrom, so if they don’t quite fit or meet expectations there’s no harm, no foul. For an extra $30, you can opt for this fun, spring-y, plain toe derby from Florsheim in cognac leather, also from Nordstrom.

The Belt: Allen Edmonds Suede Avenue Belt in Brown – $98It took every restraint possible to not mention my go-to belt, the Italian Leather Belt from Banana Republic. Oops. I did it again. This Allen Edmonds belt, while expensive, is a stunner made of a beautiful brown suede.

The Watch: Hamilton Khaki Field Auto – $368$575. Why not? Dressed up dressed down, right? If you want to wear a dress watch, wear a dress watch. This watch from Hamilton leans casual, if not utilitarian, but the build and material quality is premium for the price and handsome enough to work for this outfit. $370ish via grey market dealers. Will run you $575 direct through Hamilton, but you get a manufacturer’s warranty there.

The Socks: Nordstrom Half Circle Cushioned Sock – $12.50. Have some fun, spring has sprung. Ok, not fully, but that sounds better than “spring is springing,” doesn’t it?

The Gift: Spring Bouquet –Price Varies. Going to the grocery store is now a small victory. Bring back something pretty, pretty please?

About the Author: Jason P. is a Dappered devotee, having curated the majority of his wardrobe through the site. He is an enthusiast of wool sweaters, chino pants, and affordable automatic watches. In his free time, you can find him at his boxing gym or antiquing with his wife.