Style Scenario: Sportsball Championship Event Thing!

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes its good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. Thats what these are for.Every year, people gather together in the early evening on a Sunday in February to watch some sportsball. A competitive match between professional sportsball organizations mandates a time of merriment and consumption, and this is best to be done in proper style. A style befitting the event on the television and appropriate to the crowd.You want to be comfortable, but not sloppy. Athletically-inspired, but not wearing head to toe team gear. Below are some helpful picks to toe the sideline, inspired by a couple of professional competitive organizations of which just happen to be based in (or near) The City by the Bay, and The Paris of the Plains.

What to wear if you love The City by the Bay

Style Scenario: Sportsball Championship Event Thing! |

The Shirt: Banana Republic Core Temp Henley in White $35.70 ($60).If two Sportsball teams were to wear the same colors, Sportsball fans would have a terrible time following the Sportsball action. Often, a white alternative competitive jersey is worn, instead of the usual saturated colored attire. This appears to be the case on SupremeSportsball day after Saturday(also known as SupremeSportsball daybefore Monday), so, put on a white shirt with subtle texture and detail to match. The well-revered core-temp fabric henley from BR fits the bill and will help you keep your cool when theyre threatening to score a touch-goal.

The Pants: Levis 512 Slim Taper in Harvest Gold $37.Ah yes. Perhaps a brandification nod to the naming rights associated with the large structure in which a Sportsball team from The City by the Bay may or may not compete in? ITS NOT BONOBOS STADIUM CLIVE. At least, not yet. Opt for a lighter shade of gold instead of dark wash denim to match the players pants on-field. You are emulating with class and cleverness. You are not imitating with sad replication.

The Belt: The Tie Bar Khaki Braided Belt $25.Even Sportsball players wear belts. True story.

The Watch: Orient Bambino V5 in White/Gold $157.A wristwatch that embodies well-designed subtlety, just like the regulation garments worn by the City by the Bay Sportsball Run Tackle Throw franchise.Beloved for a reason, and wildly affordable for the timeless style and specs packed into this gem. The gold scheme wash chosen to match, natch.

The Shoes: Nike Air Max 270 React $86.Wild and beautiful, just like your Mom after her third Pimms cup while trying to saunter down Lombard street. She can ride my cable car anytime!

The Socks: Bombas Ankle Sock in Red Marl $12.Finally. A scenario where Nordstroms over the calf merinos arent the perfect play.

What to wear if you love The Paris of the Plains / City of Fountains

Style Scenario: Sportsball Championship Event Thing! |

The Shirt: Goodfellow & Co Longsleeve Tee in Red Velvet $10. TheParis of the Plains /City of FountainsSportsball Blitz Pass Kickfranchise should be wearing their standard professional Sportsball regulation attire for the big game (red over white), so well start up top with a bright red long sleeve shirt. Dirt cheap at just one Hamilton, and widely available.

The Pants: Banana Republic Athletic Heathered Traveler Pant in Smoke Grey $98.In this scenario, where food and drink abound, wearing white trousers is asking for a stain by way of spilled wings. Were also extraordinarily far from the months of which white pants are seen as a viable option. Opt for something a little more neutral, like a dark grey. Expensive at full retail, but often on sale. These have supplanted my BR Chinos as my favorite pants I own.

The Shoes: Adidas Continental 80 in White $80.A go-to casual shoe for many, these replace the pants as the blast of white in the bottom-half of your outfit to represent the red/white color combination. Durable and comfortable. Wear these all day without getting tired feet. Full review can be found here.

The Belt: GAP Basic Leather Belt in Black $24.You could wear a white belt. But then youd also own a white belt.

The Watch: Orient Bambino V5 in Black/White $179. The same watch featured for The City by the Bay, but here, a change of color to better suit the rest of your attire.

The Socks: Bombas Solids Crew in Mustard $12.Accents! Yellow accents! Not gold but yellow. This touch of yellow is a nod to the accents on the regulation apparel worn by theParis of the Plains/City of Fountains Sportsball Snap Lateral Punt franchise.

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