Style Scenario: Fall Gray(s) Days

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Now that we’re in October, the bright sun of summer is probably starting to fade. If it hasn’t, it will soon, giving way to gray skies. But gray doesn’t have to be mopey and blah. Here’s a bit of proof showing gray can be eye catching… in a subtle way.

Style Scenario: Fall Grey(*s

The Jacket: Suitsupply Mid Grey Lazio – $359 (for the whole suit!). Wearing a suit jacket as a sportcoat is taboo with #menswear nerds. But I say screw ’em. Suit jackets aren’t as hard shouldered and overly structured as they used to be. Plus, most of the adult world is still struggling to wear anything but sweatpants. The bar has been lowered. Massively. So if you’re on a budget and want a do-anything mid-grey suit, then I say break up the pants and jacket and wear them how you will. That’s a suit jacket at the very top of this post. Looks great. End of story.

The Shirt: Spier & Mackay White Poplin – $58: Or, whatever your favorite white dress shirt happens to be. Just as long as the collar looks good without a tie. No cutaway collars here. It’s getting weirdly hard to buy a dress shirt these days. But, that’s 2021 for you. Shortages and supply chain issues across tons of industries. Spier has some good stock at post time though.

The Pants: Target Goodfellow Slim Fit Hennepin Chino Pants in Light Grey – $22.99. Or whatever pale gray chinos you favored over the summer. That lighter shade looks great up against the medium gray jacket. Pants at the very top of the post are actually the Lululemon commission in asphalt gray, which is noticeably lighter in shade in person.

The Sunglasses: Raen Optics Aren – $122.98 ($175). Muted but still eye catching. Classy. Polarized. Ships and returns for free, which is a big plus since getting sunglasses on your face are kinda key to seeing how they look… when on your face.

The Watch: Lorier Neptune Series III – $499. A heck of a retro-looks diver with tons of terrific details. Full review of their previous, 2nd generation Neptune can be found here. Too pricey? The Orient Ray works here. As does the Invicta Automatic.

The Belt: Banana Republic Italian Leather Belt in Burgundy – $59.50. Gets suggested a good amount in various style scenarios, because it’s a good belt. Matches the shoes in this style scenario.

The Shoes: Magnanni Tosi Oxford in Burgundy – $189.97 ($325). Are the days of the sub $200, well made dress shoe gone? It’s starting to seem that way… unless you get lucky at Nordstrom Rack (or during a big Allen Edmonds sale). These are from the former. 90% sure these are made in Spain. Just be aware that Magnanni uses chisel toes. So in person these might not be to everyone’s taste. Slim rubber sole is subtle, but will also help keep you upright on the slick sidewalks of fall.

The Socks: Taylor Stitch Made in Italy Merino Sock in Charcoal Dot – $22.50. Worth every penny. Taylor Stitch might be known for excelling in that “upgraded workwear” space, but these socks are flat out fantastic. Works dressed up and dressed down. Mid weight. Good cushioning, but not bulky. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.