Style Scenario: Chinos Chukkas Polo – Black, gray, and brown

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Chinos, Chukkas, and a Polo is our ongoing series out to prove the benefits of this simple combination during the warmer months. There’s a million ways to do it, the benefits are numerous and significant, and it can be executed at all levels of style budgets. Head here for a further explanation as to why chinos, chukkas, and a polo works. Click here for the growing archive. Got a suggestion for Chinos, Chukkas, & a Polo? Send those into

Style Scenario: Chinos Chukkas Polo - Black, gray, and brown

The Polo: Target All in Motion Tech Pique Golf Polo – $22Inexpensive but not cheap or plastic feeling, with a breathable tech pique to help you keep cool. Also the collar actually looks like a collar. This one is stitched all the way around, giving it structure. The fit is spot on and there’s just enough flex to give you full range of motion.

The Chinos: Banana Republic Core Temp Slim Fit Chino in Jupiter Gray – $58.80 when 40% off ($98). Yes these get mentioned all the time. But still, there’s no better bang-for-the-buck breathable, lightweight, flexible, slim fit chino on the market. For those of us with thicker legs? We’re still left wanting for an athletic tapered fit. If you can’t fit into the Aiden slim from BR, try the classic fit warpstreme from lululemon. They’re awesome. But good grief they make you pay for it.

The Chukkas: Clarks Original Desert Boot in Dark Brown Suede – $80 – $90. Classic. Affordable. Comfortable. Brown and gray can 100% work in tandem. As can brown and black. Here all three work together great. It all adds up to a pretty bad-ass look. The goofs who cling to their theory that brown never goes with gray nor black are just being stubborn. Yes style is subjective, but… use your eyes. Could you wear black suede chukkas here? Sure. The risk is you end up looking like stage crew, ready to move a piece of set in-between scenes at your local community theater. Do be careful with the true crepe sole. That stuff can hydroplane on slick, smooth surfaces if you aren’t careful. Want to invest? Try the Sanders Made in the UK Chukka. Those are shown at the very top of the post. Careful with ordering from the UK. Returns would be costly, and a pain. There does happen to be a couple pairs left over at Todd Snyder at post time.

The Sunglasses: Sunski Treeline Polarized Sunglasses – $89. Yes these have glare/glacier shields. No, no one is suggesting you wear the shields in the summer, off the ski slopes. But they’re magnetic, and easily pop off. Once they do, you have a terrific pair of dark tortoise shades with a keyhole bridge. Nifty.

The Watch: Orient Ray II Automatic – $140ish. There might not be a better bang-for-the-buck diver on the market. Automatic movement that hacks and hand winds. 200m water resistance. 120 click bezel helps keep track of elapsed time. Classic dive-watch looks. If a stainless bracelet is too much shine in the summertime for you, swap it out for a NATO. Crown & Buckle’s supreme NATOs are, frankly, the best. Shown at the top of the post is an old, out of production Seiko SNZJ.

The Jacket: Banana Republic Water-Resistant Field Jacket – $140ish ($229). A warning here. This isn’t super breathable. It’s medium weight, and keeps the rain off, but it’s not some hyper breezy thing. So, best for those who are still in cooler/wetter climates. Has a matte cotton look and feel to it, although it’s a cotton/nylon blend for water resistance. A medium on my 5’10” / 195 lb frame is just on the edge between perfect and a little snug. But it’s a keeper.

The Socks: innotree Merino Wool Men’s Hiking Socks, 2 Pairs – $17.99Medium weight here. Nice cushioning. Do I care that there are little mountains on the ankles? Nope. Not at this price. Ships fast and free with Amazon Prime. If you want thinner/lighter weight, go with the tried and true Nordy dress sock.

The Belt: GAP Basic Belt in Brown – $39.95. To many, boring is bad. And that’s bad. This belt gets mentioned all the time and thus, is boring. But it’s anything but bad.

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