We got a couple inches of light, fluffy snow overnight and when the sun came out it sparkled. I tried taking a picture to snow the sparkle but I don't think I managed. This is the mailman's path across the yard to the neighbor's house. I could have shoveled but I used the snowblower because I wanted to do the renters' driveway too. He shoveled mine yesterday so I wanted to return the favor and then too I could move the snow out of the street so the plow didn't make such a big drift when it came by.

This Sparrow had a lovely time on the platform feeder. I'm impressed that you can see a seed in its beak.

I drew the elephant a couple times again today. I'm getting there, and then I drew whatever the last E thing is. He called it an environmental something. I just copied the picture.

This morning I whipped up a batch of Red Lentil Soup. This recipe has carrots, a red bell pepper, and a bunch of spices in it, unlike the red lentil soup recipe I made last week which had tomatoes in it. Neither recipe calls for onion. Is it even soup without onion in it? I'll put some in next time.

In the afternoon I knuckled down and watched the end of Don't Look Up! on Netflix. The last hour was a bit better than the first hour and a half but I still don't recommend the movie. It was odd. Then I watched the first episode of Ozark. That might have possibilities. I knitted on the Black & White Sock while watching and added at least an inch to the leg.

Today's toss was a couple old fridge magnets that I realized have lost their meaning to me. Begone!