Sock It To Em: Great Literary Socks To Warm Your Feet

Its here: the time of year when your feet are cold and you need them to be cozied into a pair of socks. Whether you need your socks big and fuzzy or as spartan as possible, youll want to stock your drawers with fun literary socks to keep your need to wear extra pieces of clothing more fun.

Of course, literary socks make a great gift ideas for readers, as well as for yourself. Theyre affordable and memorable and easy to add to a bigger gift or be the gift itself.

Sweet Literary Socks For Bookish Feet

Pop these socks on your feet when youre settling in for a good read and nothing else. $11.80, with some color options.

Go down the rabbit hole with these Alice in Wonderland socks. $8.70.

Bang! Pow! Wow! These are the perfect socks for comic book lovers. $13.

For the foul-mouthed out there, I own these fuck off, Im reading socks and can assure you that theyre perfect. $12.

Book nerds unite. $11.

Another take on book nerdery. $12.

Put some Poe on your feet. $17.

Honor your favorite black women writers with these socks. $18.

Your library due date card socks are a must for those trips to your favorite place in the world. $19.

What a lovely tribute to The Snowy Day. $11.

What great typewriter socks! $12.

Cats + books = purrfection. $7.

And if you prefer, here are some cats on stacks of books. $19.

Hop to it by Gatsbys green light. $12.

Read the rainbow with these unicorn socks. $12.

These literary socks are super fun. Along the back, they say reader, and the front says Shush, Im reading. The toe? It reads bookworm. $22.

Youve got a ton of colors to choose from with these so many books, so little time socks. $13.

Your feet will love these book lover socks. $9.

Highlight the freedom to read with these banned books socks. $10.

Knee high pencil socks are always in style. $10.

Indeed, this is the perfect advice for everything. When in doubt, go to the library socks. $14.

How fun are these fairy tale socks? $14.

I want a pair of these pride book nerd socks really badly. $14.

Display your proud bookworm life with these knee high socks. $12.

Fight Evil, Read Books. $12.

Literary Jane Austen socks. $12.

Fifteen sweet pairs of Marvel socks. $15.

Another take on the theme of so many books and so little time. $8.

Whoooooo likes a good book? $10.

Hemingway said it best: there is no friend as loyal as a book. $10.

Cannot get enough of these vintage style read more books socks. $13.

Who doesnt need a pair of Wonder Woman socks? These socks have their own capes! $9.

These socks are for readers who like to read and imbibe. $10.

Chill with these sloth-themed book socks. $12.

We saw some cats and books. How about dogs and books? More specifically, corgis and books! $6.

Literary socks for the sarcastic, prefers-to-be-left-alone types. $13.

You deserve books all the way to your knees. $16.

Last, but not least, never forget the power of a word. $12.

Want more bookish goods? Stock up on some gorgeous book plates or pair your literary socks with some book sweatshirts for a perfect reading day uniform.