Sling Baby Carrier from Recycled Sock & Bead and Felt Swaddled Newborn for Barbie -DIY

Sling Baby Carrier from Recycled Sock & Bead and Felt Swaddled Newborn for Barbie -DIY

Do you have a stray sock laying around? Perfect:@) This Sling Baby Carrier for Barbieonly requires a sock, (maybe a Sharpie), a pair of scissors and about two seconds of your time. This is also a fun project for a girl's party or sleepover and something they could easily make for themselves.

Lay the baby on the heel of the sock and draw two lines on an angle.
Be sure to leave about 1" at the narrow end.

Cut the sock.

Stretch it like a rubber band a few times to get the edges to roll,
this helps make it look a little more finished.
(And might help contain a few fuzzies from the raw edges of the sock.)

Put narrow end around Barbie's neck, fix her hair of course and lay the baby in the heel of the sock.

No Barbie baby?
It's easy to make a swaddled newborn by using a large wooden bead and some felt for the blanket.

Large wooden bead, mine is a 1 1/4" oval, it could be smaller, and it could be round
3" square of felt for blanket
1" x 5" strip of felt to roll up for body
Glue, I used a hot glue gun

Tightly roll strip of felt up to create the baby's body, glue edge so it doesn't unravel.
Glue body to bead.

Center bead in corner of blanket and glue in place.

Bring bottom corner of blanket up over body and glue to body.

Bring corner of blanket across body, slightly covering face, and glue to side of body.

Wrap second corner over body, slightly covering face, and wrapping around side of body, glue in place.
Wa-la, you've created one snuggly wrapped newborn baby!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day:@)
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