Seven days (nearly)

You wouldn’t think it’s only been a week (well, just less) since I last posted on the blog – I came to look at my photos for this week’s post and there are LOADS of them!  I think that the good weather has brought with it lots more photogenic moments and my phone is full of them!  Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to load this post with all of them so you’ll still have some time in the weekend for yourself 🙂

I made Rocky Road for the first time ever this week.

I don’t know why I haven’t made it before, but it’s super-easy and not-so-small daughter hasn’t been able to leave it alone.  It’s been going to school along with her sandwiches this week which apparently means that it is Very Good Indeed and I’ve already had instructions to make more as soon as the box is empty.

I used the recipe from Jane’s Patisserie (I love this website, everything I bake works out from here!) but swapped the Crunchie bars for mini eggs.

Once the chocolate, butter and syrup was melted together, in went in the marshmallows, digestives and the mini eggs and then it was all mixed together, pressed into a baking tin and the fridge did the rest for me!  I love these super-easy (and very lazy) types of traybake and I will definitely be making this again!


We’ve had a few sunny days this week and all the daffodils are out now so I went out to take a look.  I didn’t realise that we had so many different varieties – I know that I’ve planted plenty over the years but have never particularly looked at the variety – and I have no idea where these five-headed ones have come from.  I certainly don’t remember planting them where they are.  I think they may be narcissi rather than daffodils, but I still don’t know where they’ve come from!

It is very lovely to see them all, there are so many this year!  It’s the Spring Equinox tomorrow (Sunday 20 March) and I think that daffodils are definitely a sign of Spring.  Lighter nights and warmer weather are very welcome too!


In today’s kitten update, they have stopped climbing the curtains for five minutes – sadly not permanently and they have now moved on from the living room to the hall curtains across the door which has my heart in my mouth every time I see them –  and have now declared themselves the Home Inspection Team.

Checking out the washing up bowl in the utility room took some serious consideration (they are not be allowed up on my kitchen draining board!) and they spent some time making sure that they water in the bottom of the bowl was indeed wet, that it came out of the tap and that there were no cracks that it could escape through.  Phew!  I’m glad that passed the survey!

Not so small daughter got some help when she was tidying her room but to be honest, I think these new employees are a bit questionable.  They didn’t seem to get the idea that the rubbish goes into the bag, and then they started wrestling in the rubbish …

I pointed out to them that this isn’t what you do and asked for their references … they said that they don’t need to provide references because they’re cute and can get away with murder, and I am inclined to agree!  Anyway, all of this effort seemed to tire them out and they went for a snooze instead – whilst I ended up picking up all the rubbish myself!


Finally for this week, there’s been a bit more progress on the Emergency Sock but I thought you would much rather see this than a few rounds of sock …

I’ve made a start on my Sheepers Slipkit!  I showed you what was in the box in this post and I had some time to get it out and get started this week.  How exciting!

You start by embroidering the coloured flower on the top section.  The holes are already punched to make it easier – it felt like one of those sewing cards that small children do to improve their hand-eye coordination! 🙂  (I was never very interested in the sewing cards, I always wanted to get stuck into the real thing.)

Oh, those rainbow colours, they’re so pretty!

The instructions suggest that it will take you 2-3 hours to complete the whole pair of slippers so I thought that this would be a fairly quick job that I could do to get started.  It actually took me a bit longer than I expected it to – partly because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and partly because it took a while to get my sewing tension right so that I didn’t run out of yarn.  It didn’t spoil anything, though; it was a reminder that hand-made always takes longer than you think but is always worth the effort.

I love these rainbow flowers!

The next job is to sew the fluffy blue band onto the top section so that will be me sorted for this weekend.  I’m glad the holes are punched in this next section too, it definitely makes life easier!  If you want to take a look at the kit for yourself, the Sheepers website is here and I’ve got the DIY Slipkit.  I’m really looking forward to being able to wear these, so I must get a move on with them!


Right, I think that’s us caught up again so I will hope everything is well with you and that you’re all set for a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.  I’ll catch up with you again soon! xx


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