Robin Redbreast

The Robin was back for the second day and this time I managed to snap its picture. At first it was on top of the fence but then it came down to the birdbath for a drink. Much better. I can't tell you how happy seeing this big red-breasted bird makes me.

Three of the cactus buds have opened! Three! There's one more bud, in the foreground of the picture, that hasn't shown any desire to bloom but I'm very happy with the three that have bloomed. Three!

A squirrel found the cob corn this afternoon and happily perched on top of the crook nibbling away at kernel after kernel. It only shifted to the corn once the peanuts were gone, though.

I drew the next lesson in the 30 Days book today, Advanced Level Cubes. It involved lots of angles and shading to draw the lesson figure and then the Bonus Challenge brought this tower of cubes. I should have added windows and doors and Peepers, shouldn't I? I drew more Peepers today and then drew some for LC and OJ tonight. They liked them but OJ wondered why they didn't have smiles so he added a smile to my page of Peepers. LC objected so he erased the smile on the LC Peeper. They're fun to spend time with. The grandkids, not the Peepers, well, the Peepers too but... you know what I mean.

I got to the heel of the Barn Owl Sock tonight. I only got a few rounds done on the heel but progress was made and I'll get a lot done tomorrow night at Friday Night Knitting.

Today's gratitude journal page is a near repeat of yesterday's but since I didn't blog that one you wouldn't notice. I don't see any reason why I can't be grateful for the same things two days in a row, do you?



Today's toss was another fashion scarf, this one chiffon with beaded tassels at the ends. I don't see myself wearing that anytime soon.

It's been sunny the last couple days but it's gotten colder as a result (we topped out at 19 today), and another cold front is supposed to pass through tomorrow. They're saying that it'll be in the 40s on the weekend. I'll wait to see if that really happens.