People Explain Which Super Specific Thing Irritates The Hell Out Of Them

There’s a silent universal nod for what things people commonly find irritating. Like, when someone’s loudly gobbling a mouthful, or picking their teeth with bare hands (worse, braces!), or when a person in front of you is biting their nails like they were some salty caramel popcorn. Apologies for ruining whatever it is that you were eating.

But people are so much more complex than that. You see, among the universally annoying and “no, we won’t be friends after that” list stands a bunch of very subtle little things that for many mortal ones, like you and me, don’t even raise an eyebrow, but for others, provoke a full-on breakdown.

So let’s dive deep into the sea of stuff people find annoying, although often totally irrational.


Chewing with your mouth open


Drivers who overtake you on the road, and then slow down once they're in front of you.


misuse of their, there and they're


Pessimism at work. None of us wanna be here. Shut the f*ck up and do your work so we can go home.


unrecognized item in bagging area


People who step closer to you when you step away from them. You were violating my personal space, and I’m trying to fix that. Come on.


Delayed subtitles




When your pant pocket/earbud wire gets caught on the doorknob and pulls u back


When the TV show you're watching goes to an ad and the volume goes from reasonable to incredibly loud without having changed the volume.


When people always try to one up you In a conversation.


People who let out subtle moans in a quiet room.


When people say "I seen..." instead of "I saw..."

Hearing someone chew.


When I’m stretched out to my max capacity to reach an item and it’s still JUST out of reach


A sleeve that rolls down your arm when washing your hands/doing dishes.


Slow walkers, especially when I can't get around them. I just don't understand how people can walk so slow.


During May, I had 3 guys hit on me hard through the online games. They know nothing about my personality, didn't bother to ask, but just kept wanting pictures and personal information and trying to insert themselves into whatever I'm doing.

One of them would not stop pushing his sexuality onto me until I blocked him. The other two treat me like a little fragile girl in need of rescuing. Dudes, I'm fine! Stop! It's such a waste of time and I'm practising being less polite and passive about it.


People who walk side by side slow as sh*t down the aisle in the store. They’re juuuust far enough apart that you can’t squeeze by them, and at least around my parts, when you say excuse me they just ignore you.


wet sock


People that pee on the seat and don't wipe their f**king piss off the seat


Overhearing the word "detox".


Really subtle buzzing from lights in classrooms and gymnasiums. I swear to god that sh*t is so annoying I’d rather learn in the dark.


Sometimes YouTube gets stuck with the pause button over whatever I’m watching until I press the screen again.

Iv gone to press the screen to get rid of it a millisecond after the pause button goes so many f**king times.

The act of clicking brings the button back up and then I have to click it another god damn time to close it again.

The whole time this is happening I am fuming and not paying attention to what I’m watching, so I have to rewind 10 seconds and start the cycle again.

It brings on Alex Jones levels of anger for me.


Professors/teachers who keeps the cursor on videos they show.


Sound of lips smacking while eating. I hate it. Even if they're quiet, I still just want to explode.


Chargers/adapters that take up more than one power slot


Dropping something a second or third time.


Credit card chip readers that say: ...wait... ...wait... ...wait... ...wait... BEEP! BEEP! REMOVE NOW! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!


Being able to hear someone’s TV muffled through the wall. It drives me MENTAL.


My husband watching his phone during a show and asking me what happened constantly. If you want to know, put your damn phone down!


Walk speeds. I'm a fast paced walker, big strides, so when I get stuck behind someone I usually just zip around them or slow down my own pace depending on the situation. Near doors and stairways this gets soooo bothersome for me. People like to snail around and dilly dally, while I'm trying to rush to my next class. I still feel bad for rudely rushing past this girl going through some doors at my college, but she literally stopped in front of the doors and idled for like 5 seconds.


Whenever I touch something that feels greasy or oily. Like a utensil, doorknob, or even a tube of tooth paste. Makes me cringe. Wash your nasty ass hands.


Not changing empty toilet paper rolls.


When people eat and they bite down on the fork as they drag it out of their mouths sends shivers down my spine. It’s hard to hear but once you notice a person has the habit of doing this, sharing meals become excruciating


Traffic lights that are green on streets with no cars or pedestrians crossing while the other two streets are filling up with cars waiting on a pointless red light.


When People don't say please and thank you. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Just shows how little they think about others.


The last specific thing I remember getting real pissed about was ghost flights.

At the beginning of the pandemic, flights were running without passengers because if they just stayed on the ground they would lose government subsidies. So they flew around without any passengers wasting insane amounts of jet fuel for government benefits.

F**king insanity...


When people pronounce it "supposably"


This just happened to me. When people respond to your email and spell your name wrong, despite the fact that both my email and the contact associated with my email both have my name spelled correctly, not to mention I signed my name at the end of the email.

I responded by thanking him and misspelling his name.


When people take their phone calls right next to you. My coworker is doing it right now on our lunch break as i write this.

Extra sh*tty points if they use the speaker phone option forcing you to be part of their conversation.


When i'm trying to have a conversation at a restaraunt and I'm interrupted every 5 minutes by "hows everything tasting?".

Its made worse by the fact that i dont want the waiter/waitress to know im annoyed because their just doing their job and id be an asshole. But i mean...once you serve me my food you dont have to check in anymore.


Open floor plan offices. I need some peace and quiet when I work. Plus Dave slurping his coffee.


When you're trying to tell something to someone or a group of people and something interrupts you, then you forget what you meant to say


Forgetting that 1 thing from going shopping


People using curse words as filler words/adjectives/instead of “um”.

People speeding up to pass me, but then slowing waaaaaaay down once they’re in front of me.

Colour contacts. You look like a demon.


Whilst I am very grateful to you for offering to make a round of tea for the office, please can I ask you don't grab the rims of each mug with your filthy fingers. Strangely enough, the handles are not there for purely decorative purposes.


When an old lady comes on the bus, nobody offers their seat. I will give up my seat when she comes near me but I'm not going to yell across the bus to get her attention.

Young people (16 year olds) who stand near the entrance of the bus to the point where I have to force my way through to get off the bus. Somehow their idiot faces tell me they still don't think they are in the way.


Local TV news stations teasing about the news to come when the same viral story is easily searchable on the internet


Hearing someone’s music through their earbuds.

Like first of all, I don’t want to hear your music. But because it’s through your earbuds, all I can hear is the beat of the s****y rap song that sounds exactly the same as the previous one.


That rattling noise on my dash, or in the glove box or in the door or in the center console, god damn it where’s it coming from?

Edit: I just start smacking and hitting things and rattling other things, I move from one part of the car to another and just pray I accidentally fix the god damn rattle. I’ve pulled over before because i was going to drive off the edge of the freeway if I didn’t find that rattle and get it stopped


Having to watch movies with your thumb on the volume buttons on the remote - have to turn it up to hear talking, then its immediately too loud for action sequences and wakes up the kids. Movie night ends before it even starts.

Same applies to TV shows when the commercials are louder than the show you're watching.


When people try to win arguments by being louder and dumber. It really makes me want to punch the person. Like if you don't have a valid claim, shut up


The asshats who pull up to a gas pump at a station, open the windows and crank their sh*tty music so you can hear every rivet and loose bolt buzzing...and sit there. They're not even getting gas, they just want to make the world an objectively worse place.


when i am walking slighty faster than someone in front of me, and then have to decide, if it takes ages to wak past them or if i walk faster than i would to get in front of them. hate this


When another person sits in front of the pc and i have to navigate them through everything.

"Scroll up. Further. Further. Nooo, just a little bit down again...."



When you've had your fingers, hands, arms, or body in a certain position for a long time and are really comfy, but then you have to go and move and can never get exactly in the same position.


Guests picking things up in your house and putting them down in other places.


People who tailgate in traffic going less than 5mph. Give me breathing room! (Also, triggers my anxiety to no end)

Also people who don’t respect personal space – you know, the ones that talk too close to your face, every once inch you take backwards—they take two steps forwards…


When people break the little pocket clip thing off of pens and pencils.... it drives nuts for some reason.


Never getting the USB cable plugged in correctly on the first two tries.


I could care less


People who spit on the ground for no apparent reason. There’s a guy at work who consistently does this and every time I see a spit stain on the ground I automatically know where it comes from.


People with no spatial awareness. Especially when they are walking in a straight line and always seem to move to the same side you are trying to pass them on.


when you're listening to music and people keep trying to talk to you. If I have both my ear pieces in, I don't want to f**king talk to you.


People who don't signal when they're switching lanes. Are you really that lazy?


The word "technically." It's become the new "literally" coming to mean colloquially the opposite of its original definition. Or oftentimes it's just used super redundantly. "Hey what's this sauce?" "Technically, it's a pesto sauce." "Why, is there something different about it?" "No it's just basil, oil, garlic, cheese, and salt." THEN IT'S A F**KING PESTO, JUST SAY THAT


People who spell a lot as 'alot'.


People dragging their feet when they walk and/or slow walkers


When people call me "kiddo". Its fine when people close to me say it, but when strangers who barely know you start goin "[condescending snort] Wait till you do [thing that they went through that i didnt get to yet], kiddo"


When my earbuds get caught on something and are forcefully and abruptly ripped out of my ears, I see red.


People who cough obnoxiously loud and super frequently.

I know they can't help it to an extent, but it's so annoying. I get especially mad when it feels like they're coughing louder on purpose.


People who go 10 under the speed limit in the fast lane. Seriously move over


When people ask you if you’ve seen/heard something and when you tell them “no” they act all shocked then repeat the question even louder. You then repeat “no” while fighting the rising annoyance building up inside. After the second “no” they proceed to exclaim how they can’t believe it and either insult you for it or start telling you how great it is. By that point you’re already tuned out but trying not to be a d*ck about it and have no desire to see/hear said thing.


When someone’s headlights are like high beams...


People who use “loose” when they mean “lose”.


When someone mumbles. I'll ask them three or four times what they said and they still mumble. I get so mad


Someone commenting on my food.


Dropping my guitar pick and spending ages looking for it, because as soon as it hits the ground, it transcends the space time continuum and winds up somewhere ridiculous.


people telephoning me.


When my headphone cord gets caught on something and my earbuds get pulled out of my ears. I get unreasonably upset every time.


When you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, you take it out, and low and behold, no notification.


When you are washing your hands wearing something with sleeves and water gets on the sleeve.


Improper grammar. Mainly from the kids who sat through English class complaining that they “speak the language so there is no need to study it”.

This was also before social media so it wasn’t noticed as much. But once Facebook hit... the horror.


People with shrieking sneezes. Figure out a less obnoxious way to sneeze or plug your nose to stop it. I don't need the sh*t scared out of me just because your nose gave you a tickle.


People that pronounce Reese’s Pieces as “ree-sees pee-sees”.


When people do this ( Because they are trying to add to what they are saying but then they never close it again and they keep right on with what they were saying in the first place.

or when people say "First of all" and then don't follow it up with a second point.


Sniffles don't bother me.

But this lady at work DOUBLE sniffles. Every time it's two rapid sniffs, and it's so f**king annoying I thought I'd lose it in the cafeteria.


If it's too cold in the office.

This one assh*le insists on keeping his office at 65 and we're on a shared duct so it blasts me with cold air all day. Then my fingertips go numb and white because I have Raynaud's, and I have to blow hot air into my cupped hands like we're in the f**king Great White North.


A coworker clic his pen all the times. And it's out of rythms. Instead of "tic...tic...tic...tic " that is already annoying by itself, you hear "tic...tictic.........tic......tic....tic..tic...tic.........tic.........tictictictic"


The fan on my work goes from being silent all day to then sounding like a jet taking off for hours on end. The worst part is the CPU isn't even at 50% most of the time when the fan is doing this.

I have opened up BIOS and looked at the settings and it all looks fine, the only thing I can think of is Malware or some sh*t but since it's not my personal PC I don't care and am just waiting for it to eventually die on me so I can get a new one!


When people don't italicize their t when presenting their t statistic values in a seminar presentation. Like, sure you got your stats right, but c'mon.


Written verbal cues that signal condescension. It's such a passive aggressive bullsh*t thing to do. The difference between:

I don't think the tax law will have a positive effect on the economy


Uh, I don't think the tax law will have a positive effect on the economy...


The noise dogs make when they lick themselves


The automated recorded greetings that fast food drive throughs have where it asks me if I want a breakfast burger and then the actual employee comes on in a different voice.