Not Much To Do

I didn't have anything much to do today except run to the store for milk so I spent the day making art. A lot of time was spent drawing. First I spent time filling a page with Peeper animals just to amuse myself, then I opened the Drawing Cute book I got the other day, drew a duckie and a horsie, and colored them. They're so cute that they deserve cutesy names.

The daily art page said to draw the statue that the people printed on the page are looking at. I thought about it a long time, decided against a long-dead general on a rearing horse, and drew an owl hoping to like what I drew better than yesterday's owl. I used pencil and colored pencil, not charcoal, so I had better luck with erasing things.

The last figure in the H lesson of the 3-D book was Huge Hug. It's a person hugging Planet Earth. I was intimidated by the thought of drawing in the distorted continents but they turned out okay.

Another of the drawing books I bought this week was 10 Step Drawing Nature so I turned to the next page in my sketchbook and gave it a go. I can tell this book is by a British artist/author because this bird is called a Blue Tit and I am confident that this is not an American bird. (I just Googled it and it's Eurasian. It's very pretty, too bad it doesn't live over here.)

Then after watching an episode (or two) of the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix, I painted today's watercolor, number 13. It's another sunset over water, this time from the Lodge at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Door Co., WI. I concentrated and managed to keep the horizon line straight this time. Whew.

After a long day of art-ing I added a couple rounds to the Ashes Cast Sock that I started last night while watching a couple episodes of All Creatures Great & Small on PBS Passport. That show sure has beautiful scenery.


In today's bird news, we woke up to a dusting of snow on the grass but the sun shone for just a few minutes. Luckily the Cardinal male was on the feeder when the sun came out and posed in the sunlight. Look how bright he is!


In the afternoon this Downy Woodpecker showed up. He had his back turned so that I could see the red swoosh across the back of his head and you can see that the snow gradually melted except in the really sheltered spots.

I didn't find anything to toss today. I seem to be in a tossing slump. Don't worry, I'll get back to it in a day or two.