Namaste.  Yoga is one of the best ways to remain fit and improve your mental health through deep meditation and refined body poses

The popularity of yoga has grown incredibly as people seek a break from their busy lifestyles to work on their physical as well as mental well being. When you walk into a yoga session, you will find ladies and nowadays a large group of men practicing their poses. One common feature about them all is that they are dressed appropriately for the session and most never lack yoga socks.

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As a yoga lover, investing in a good pair of yoga socks will help achieve better posture and give you a better grip during your session. Such socks are ergonomically designed to stretch and separate your toes when taking up different positions. Proper positioning of your feet is crucial to ensure a better posture without hurting your toes. Yoga socks also help prevent foot fatigue as you change from one posture to the next.

When shopping for the ideal socks, there are some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind such as the type of padding and length of the socks. We have searched far and wide and brought you the best yoga socks for both men and women that will cushion your feet as you perform this old age healthy exercise.
Top 10 Yoga Socks of 2019 Reviewed 1. QING Yoga Socks for Women Best for Better Grip
The first thing that strikes you about this pair of socks is the textured spots at the bottom which ensure that you don’t skid as you pose. The dots extend on the entire sole from the ball of the foot to farthest point of the heel. The spots ensure that your fit remain firmly rooted on the floor as you spin, twirl or lift them. With these socks, you don’t need to wear house slippers as your feet will always be firmly held on any type of floor.

The best thing is that the grip material can’t be detected which means that you won’t feel weird walking on them. The socks have proper cushioning so that they don’t press into your feet as you wear them on a tiled floor. Another great thing is that they are made of breathable fabric which absorbs sweat perfectly keeping your feet dry and odorless as you exercise. The package comes in a pack of three pairs of black women yoga socks and fit women sizes 6 to 11.


Textured spots for better grip Great breathability Cushioned to prevent feeling lumps
Not great on a wet floor Fit better on wide feet May easily get holes

View Price and Deals 2. Tucketts Toeless Yoga Socks for Women Best Open Toe Yoga Socks
Naturally, most people do yoga barefooted since it helps them pose easily. However, wearing a pair of these toeless yoga socks will provide you with a combination of leaving your feet bare while still cushioning parts of your feet. The patent pending toe free design is unique since is allows you maintain your stability and cushion your feet while still helping you with the barefoot exercises. They have a soft strap and a stitched heel for a better fit and added comfort.

The socks are made using a combination of three materials; 70% cotton, 29% nylon and 1% spandex. The materials are combined to provide you with the unique properties of the three different fabrics. They can be used for all barefoot exercises such as yoga, pilates, aqua gym and dance workouts. The unique gripper sox retains its grip even after numerous washes. The socks come in eight different colors including turquoise, grey and red gala. Fit women feet size 6-9.


Unique toeless design Made of a combination of three materials Available in a variety of colors
Not ideal for those with sweaty toes Reduced hygiene Toes aren’t fully protected from injury

View Price and Deals 3. BLITZU Plantar Fasciitis Socks Best for Arch Support
Designed to provide instant pain relief on your feet, these socks have been designed using special compression therapy technology to ensure that your sessions are as painless as possible. The socks come with braces that provide the ideal plantar fascia support which help prevent pain on your feet. The design also helps improve circulation of blood around your feet which helps reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of plantar fasciitis.

The socks feature unique kinesiology taping design combined with the great qualities of a compression fabric. The socks are ideal if you want to exercise but are recovering from various feet injuries since you are protected during therapy and are designed to prevent any new injuries. The open toe splint design is unique and versatile since you can just wear these socks alone or wear them on top of another pair of socks. It’s made of premium grade material that is durable and wicks away any sweat.


Special compression therapy technology Unique kinesiology taping design Open toe splint design
A bit heavy Not for intense exercises A bit long and may slip down alot

View Price and Deals 4. DubeeBaby Yoga Grip Cotton Socks Best 3D Gel Dots Yoga Socks
These socks come with 3D gel dots on the toes and at the heel which helps prevent your feet from skidding during various exercises. They help with shock absorption and cushion your feet from any hard impact. The socks have a good grip as you walk around the yoga studio and ensure that you don’t slip or fall. They also help enhance your balance during poses and ensure stability as you stand on different poses.

They are made using high quality cotton fabric absorbs sweat and helps your feet to remain dry.  The fabric also feels soft and cozy on your feet. Wearing these socks provides a protective barrier between you and the floor which prevents any harmful bacteria or dirt from getting into your feet which helps remain hygienic as you exercise. The socks are available in four beautiful colors; black, grey, pink and purple. These colors are not only feminine but can easily match with the rest of your yoga attire.


Made of breathable cotton fabric Provide proper hygiene 3D gel dots for better stability and grip
Can’t be dry cleaned Easily stretch out May peel easily

View Price and Deals 5. RATIVE Anti Slip Non Skid Socks for Men Best for Advanced Ventilation
Made of 97% terylene and 3% spandex, these socks are designed to offer great ventilation and are quick drying making them a great choice for men who are the most prone to heavy sweating during exercise. The bottom has a super grip which provides you with adequate grip even on a slippery floor. They are also designed to enhance balance and stability as you lift your legs during poses.

These socks are the perfect companion to your yoga socks since they help prevent falls and are great at maintaining balance. They also provide superior arch support ensuring that your feet aren’t prone to injury. The high quality material used is properly knitted to ensure that they don’t develop holes or tear due to intense workouts. They are available in 3 pairs of black, blue, white or an assortment of these colors. You can also choose between medium, large, x-large and xx-large.


Fabric used has great ventilation Superior grip Provide arch support
A bit long for yoga Too tight for large feet May develop holes on the heel

View Price and Deals 6. Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks for Men Best for Improved Hygiene
The socks have a textured sole at the bottom which provides a superior grip preventing you from skidding during yoga. They are short and reach the ankle providing you with just enough protection for your feet. They provide a great hygienic alternative to practicing yoga barefooted.

They contain a blend of various materials; 81% Cotton, 11% Nylon, 5% Polyester, 2% Rubber, 1% Spandex which provide you with great benefits. They are available in black or grey and come in beautiful patterns helping you make a fashion statement.


Textured sole Hygienic alternative Made of a blend of superior materials
Too short Limited sizes Can keep sliding out

View Price and Deals 7. Ozaiic Men’s Antiskid Yoga  Best for Slippery Surfaces
Ozaiic has expertly crafted these yoga socks and paid attention to every detail ensuring great protection to men’s feet during yoga. The material used is combed cotton which naturally wicks away sweat and any moisture keeping the feet dry and odorless. The sole is covered with high quality grips made of silicone that have been naturally sourced from rubber trees. The grip is great and doesn’t disappoint even on slippery surfaces.

Expert workmanship is evident on every sock with neat hand stitching done by experts and an elastic design used to ensure that the sock is cozy and fits well. The entire bottom of the sock has a cushioned sole to prevent or reduce any damage on your feet.  The upper part has a mesh ventilation design to help with breathability and prevent harmful bacteria from building up. Each group of these quality socks come in a nice carry pouch for easy storage.

Upper mesh to help improve ventilation Nice package bag for easy carrying Silicone grips source d naturally from rubber trees
Quite small Can be tight Traction could be better

View Price and Deals 8. Pembrook Non Skid Ankle Socks  Best Antiskid Socks
The socks are designed for a wide variety of uses including yoga and Pilates. They have a proprietary tread design which provides your feet with maximum grip and great traction. The socks are made from a blend of cotton, synthetic fibers and have elastic to ensure ultimate comfort. The high quality yarn blend helps prevent odors through improved breathability. The socks are built to last and can be washed in the machine.

Multifunctional Blend of quality fiber Improved breathability
Quite short Sizing isn’t right Not ideal for large feet

View Price and Deals 9. Live Happy Be Healthy Non-Slip Socks Yoga Barre Pilates Hospital Maternity Sock Best Non-Slip Yoga Socks
When going out for a yoga workout, it is important to have a pair of the best non-slip yoga socks. The Live Happy Be Happy Non-Slip Socks have sticky silicon dots covering the sole of the feet. The purpose of this is to effectively ensure you don’t slip nor fall during your yoga sessions. It doesn’t matter whether you are working out on tiles, hardwood, carpet or other floor types. The makers knit cotton of the highest premium quality to make the cushioned, towel-like soles. What you get is a pair of comfortable socks that hardly causes any blistering, thanks to the extra-thick heel tab.

The makers of these socks have put in place an elastic arch that ensures they stay tightly onto your feet. For that reason, you cannot expect the socks to slip off your feel. In addition to yoga, you may use the socks pilates, barre, Bikram, mallet, barefoot workout, and so on. Each package contains three pairs of black socks. Importantly, the manufacturers of these socks are ready to address any issues that a customer might have about them.


Have silicone studs that prevent any form of slipping Can be used for much more than just yoga Tight-fitting socks
Reports of holes in the heels after a short time Some said they received smaller socks that indicated The fabric might not be 100 per cent breathable

View Price and Deals 10. Storm Empire Unisex No Show Socks Best No Show Yoga Socks
The manufacturers have used a blend of  87% natural cotton, 11% nylon and 2% spandex which ensures ultimate comfort while doing your poses. Each sock has a reflective logo which will help you make a fashion statement during yoga. They have a flexible band at the rim for a better fit. Comes in three pieces that have been intricately sewn together.


Fashionable Made of 3 pieces intricately stitched together Flexible band
Small in size Reduced traction Too short

View Price and Deals How to Choose the Best Right Yoga Socks: The Ultimate Buying Guide 

Yoga is one of the best exercises since it not only keeps the whole body feet but it also helps calm your mind and improve your mental health. Yoga studios are popping up everywhere as people embrace a healthy lifestyle. When going for yoga, you need to have the right gear that will ensure that your session is successful. One item that should never miss in your yoga bag is a pair of quality yoga socks. These socks are specially designed to provide you with numerous benefits as you exercise.
Benefits of Wearing Good Socks Unique Design – Yoga socks are specially designed to help you with your poses without hurting your feet. They provide the necessary strength to the feet which helps prevent common feet problems. If you spend the who day wearing footwear, these socks will be a great break from that and will help stretch your toes during yoga sessions. Relief Foot Pain – The ergonomic design helps provide instant relief to foot pain since it provides effective toe separation. They also effectively prevent mild pains and bunions due to vigorous exercises. It’s important to note that socks for yoga aren’t designed to treat serious feet problems and you should actually consult a doctor before straining your feet further. Feet Strength – When doing poses that require a lot of leg work, these socks will provide your feet with the necessary strength to perform these poses. The great thing is that these socks are uniquely designed to strengthen your feet even when you aren’t exercising Better Efficiency in Yoga – One of the biggest challenges in yoga is effectively performing techniques that require a lot of toe exercise. However, with a pair of good socks, you will have the proper strength and balance for these sometimes challenging exercises. Yoga Fashion – One common trend in yoga is fancy looking and fashionable attire from the head band to the toes. Yoga lovers find it a great accessory since they are available in a wide range of colors, designs and styles. You can get open toe designs, bright colors, ankle length socks and many other types of yoga socks that will spice up your routine. Factors to Consider When Buying Yoga Socks
There’s a number of things that you need to keep in mind before adding a pair of yoga socks into your shopping cart. They include:
Grip – One of the most important elements in yoga socks is grip since your stability and balance will depend on a good grip. These socks are fitted with texture dots, 3D gel dots or other features that help your feet to remain firm without skidding on any type of floor. The unique texture may stretch from the bottom of the foot all the way to the heel. Fit – You have to ensure that you get the right size of socks that fit snugly on our feet. Loose fitting socks may prevent you from performing to your best during the yoga session. You an even get socks that come with a strap to ensure a better fit. Size –Avoid going for a one size fits all design since such socks may not fit snugly on your feet. Always ensure that you get the right size for your feet. Material –The fabric used to make the yoga socks will contribute greatly to the performance of the yoga socks. Cotton has great breathability and wicks away sweat naturally leaving your feet dry and odorless. A little spandex is also great since it ensures a proper fit.
Investing in a good pair of yoga socks will help bring stability and improve the performance of your routine. We hope that this review has provided you with useful information on the best yoga socks for men and women which will help makes your sessions more productive. Establish a healthy yoga routine and watch as your life transforms. Namaste.

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