Knitting Socks Questions ~ It’s a 2 post day today!

I'm looking for a knitted sock pattern online for beginners.  Do you of you recommend one?  There are so many online, and what needles will I need?  I have yarn.  I do not have any sock yarn knitting books.  Guess it may be time to order one.

I have this yarn.  Is it enough for size 11 socks?  Each ball has 247 yards.  I have no idea what size these knitting needles are nor the circular one.  I have a feeling they are too big anyway.  Why do they not label them?  I'll need to order whatever needles I need too. 

Thanks a bunch!

Update: Oh printer is now out of ink.  Sigh...ordering ink now if I can just in case one of you have an online pattern for me.

Another update:  I found the size 6 double pointed in my knitting stash.  Woohoo.  Do I still need a circular?  and is that the right size? #KnittingSocks #SelfSufficiency #CraftsAndActivities
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