January Review ~ Covid, Wild Life and Macarons

 Well, it took almost three years, but Covid finally made a visit at our house. My dear husband got it at a Supervisor luncheon at work in which all but one supervisor got Covid. Thanks to his vaccines, he only got marginally sick. Thanks to our strict home isolation tactics for sick family members,  home testing and K95 masks, the rest of the family was spared and none of us got sick or tested positive. I still had to take a week off from work because the parents of the little one I take care of didn't want to take any chances (which I completely understand). We are very thankful that it didn't spread through the whole family.

Tim had an excellent cardiology check up. He will have to go to Duke again in 4 months and 6 months while they work to get through some extra tests and get all of his doctors coordinated into the same time period for check ups. This time they checked his new pacemaker and did an echocardiogram. We are very thankful that this January was calmer than last January when Tim had three cardiac surgeries. 

My little guy that I take care of turned two this month. He loves all animals and is partial to moose. I bought him a stuffed animal and the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin. He loves them and asks for the book to be read over and over again. I think we will make some sock puppets soon like in the book. 

We had a fun outing to a local bakery, called Old Europe,that we just love. They just opened a new location that is very charming. I realized that I could not remember every having Macarons. We decided to try all the flavors they had. I must admit, I didn't really care for them. It is probably the first thing from this bakery that I haven't love. I will stick to key lime pie thank you. 

My goal is to read two books a month. This month I read The Gown and The Light We Carry. I really enjoyed both of them. The Gown is a historical fiction that is exciting and a fast read. I really liked getting a more behind the scenes look at how Queen Elizabeth II's gown was made. The Light We Carry is one of those books I could see reading more than once. It is very inspirational and talks about so many tools that help to conquer fear and live confidently in these challenging times. 

The kids are doing well. They are working, doing their social activities, dancing and doing school. It is a busy season of life. 

Lastly, we have had so much wildlife in our yard this month. Besides our mama bear, we have a falcon family and a possum that keeps visiting our wood pile. 

February is right around the corner and promises to be busy. The year is ramping up. I always feel like January is slow and every month after that gets faster and faster. 

Blessings, Dawn