Jamie’s Storyworth Review + $10 Off Coupon (BEST Father’s Day Gift!)

Jamie’s Storyworth Review + $10 Off Coupon (BEST Father’s Day Gift!)

My honest Storyworth review and the amazing book my mom made for our family – and a Storyworth coupon code for $10 off!

Storyworth Review – A Meaningful Gift for Mom or Dad!

Note from Laurie: Looking for a meaningful Father's Day gift to give this year?  My friend Jamie recently tried StoryWorth and it sounds like such a cool idea, I asked her to share what she thought. 🙂 After James's father passing away a few years ago, I can see how this would have been an incredible gift to give, and love this concept. 


Father's Day is creeping up on us and you may be looking for a special gift for dad this year…. something different. If so, I HIGHLY recommend Storyworth!

I gave Storyworth as a gift to my mom a couple years back and it's one of the best gifts I think I've ever given – partly because it turned out to be a real gift for the whole family.  Plus – PPP Readers will get $10 OFF when you use this special coupon link!


My Storyworth Review

My grandparents have both passed away in the past few years.  I was very close to them and I think about them allllll the time.  (Especially holidays!) But mostly – I think about how much I wished I'd sat down with them and a tape recorder and just had them tell me stories.  I feel like I missed so many opportunities to lock them in my memory!

And so now with my own parents, I've tried to be a little more intentional in asking them about their lives.  Especially because like many families – we don't live close together anymore.

I ask mom to tell me how she used to spend summer evenings when she was a kid – playing Four Square with Papaw and the whole neighborhood.   I ask dad to tell me about the time he spent in the army.  Or about the time he hid snakes in his sock drawer (and gave his mother a heart attack).  I want to be able to share those things with my kids and my grandkids!

And then recently I heard about StoryWorth and it sounded PERFECT.

StoryWorth is a gift that you give another person – that tells them their stories are valuable, that their memories are special.  But it's also a gift you give yourself, because you get to treasure those forever!

How Storyworth Works:

1. ) When you gift a StoryWorth subscription to someone, they'll receive weekly story prompts in their email inbox.  These questions are thought provoking – and fun – and help invoke memories and inspire parents/grandparents to share their stories.

2. ) Each week they can sit down and spend a few minutes sharing memories with you.

3. ) After a year all their weekly stories are gathered into a lovely hardcover keepsake book and shipped to you.

The storyteller can also attach photos with their stories.  The book my mom made is such a treasure for our family – and I've found out about all kinds of things about family and relatives I maybe never would've known!  I especially love one story my mom told about having caterpillar races on the sidewalk with one brother when they caught their other little brother sitting in the dirt eating hard shell bugs 😜  We always tease my uncle about this now!

Sounds cool right?

Storyworth Questions

Here are some Storyworth sample questions that it asked my mom – but as you can tell from this chapter in her book – you can make up your own questions/topics as well!

  • Do you have any particularly vivid memories of your grandparents?
  • Have you ever written a poem or a story, and if so, do you still have it?
  • Has your relationship with your siblings changed over the years?
  • How did you meet your spouse? When did you know you wanted to marry them?
  • Did you ever move as a child? What was that experience like?
  • Did you ever get into trouble as a child?
  • What things are you proudest of in your life?
  • What was one of the most difficult times in your relationships? How did you get through it?
  • What was your weekend tradition when you were a kid?
  • What were you like when you were 30?
  • Are you a morning person or an evening person?
  • What was it like growing up in Kentucky?

There are hundreds of questions to choose from – and you can also write your own.

My mom chose to focus on the childhood questions – because she wanted a book of stories she would want to pass down to her kids and grandkids.  Stories she doesn't get to sit around and share often because she lives far away.  However you can choose story prompts that are more suited to telling about your adult life or relationships instead!


And next, Father's Day will be coming up! 

If your dad is anything like MY dad (who asks for socks or fishing lures each year) you might be fresh out of new ideas and looking for something more meaningful.
Well this might be a good gift idea for him too… If your dad is a storyteller, begins advice with “when I was your age….” then StoryWorth could be perfect.

Lastly, it makes them feel special – because they are.

I can't speak for everyone – but I think that for my mom it was probably affirming. Who DOESN'T want to be reminded that their life is important and their stories should be passed down and treasured?  I know that any time my teenage boys so much as sit down at the table with me for 10 minutes and listen to me ramble I get a warm glow inside – so I can only imagine how I'll feel years down the road. 🙂

Interested in Gifting Storyworth?

  1. To get started with StoryWorth, just head over here.
  2. PPP readers will get $10 OFF the regular price of $99
  3. The $89 price includes:
    – 1 Year of weekly story prompts
    – Hardcover printed book up to 480 pages
    – Ability to invite an unlimited number of people to receive the stories


A Technology-Free Storyworth Alternative:

If your parent is elderly or not computer savvy enough to use email – we found a great alternative to Storyworth that doesn't involve a computer at all.  This “Mom, Tell Me Your Story” book is a journal with story prompts that works in much the same way as the Storyworth emails.

PPP Team Member Staci said:

We gave this journal to my mom and she has enjoyed it as she has been staying home more this past year!


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