It Was There

Really. This afternoon a Sharp-shinned Hawk landed on the adirondack chair and then flew up to the fence. I got the camera, took off the lens cap, pressed the shutter button and the danged bird flew away. It was right there just a second before.

I saw the first fly of the season today too. It landed on the patio screen and just sat there. It's not much to look at but it's the first one I've seen this year. It deserves a photo.

I stopped at Zambaldi this morning to visit with DS for a little while. He was cleaning the mash tun after brewing the latest batch of hazy IPA. He piled all of the spent grains into barrels that a Lena pig farmer comes to pick up so they don't go to waste and then used a hose to clean all of the remaining grain stuck to the tun.


The grape hyacinths are starting to bloom! I saw this tiny hint of purple this afternoon.


Even though it's chilly I'm determined to take a walk, just around the block, gotta start small so I keep it up, but at least I'm warm enough in my fleece vest, hat, and fingerless mitts. Don't have to wear my winter coat. Finally.


Today's daily art was this page of frames. It said to fill in each one with a scene or plant. It was kind of intimidating but I started with one and just drew little things in them one by one and pretty soon I had them all filled it. Then I got to play with colored pencils.


I got together with three friends tonight to knit. We met at CS's house, had Mexican snacks, knitted, and talked for hours. I made good progress on the Owl Sock.


I got a call from the window well fixit guy this afternoon. They'll be here tomorrow late morning and I hope that they can fix both of the sinkholes so that the water drains and not into the basement.

I'm tired of being cold.