In My Mail…

I was trying to get this mail all opened and processed the night before Baptism for Eli and Emmett.  I thought I was doing so good with it but two days later when I was writing this post…I’m not so sure.

Of all of the posts, writing the mail posts are by far the hardest for me.  So many packages come.  It takes a long time to go through and sort things plus the pictures taken and formatted for the post…and then there is keeping track of it all.

If you’re been a long-time blog reader, you know that I only have small increments of time to work…a half an hour is what I consider a long stretch.  If I had three hours to open the mail and take care of it would make life for me so much easier.  I never write a post without fear that I’ll mix a picture with the wrong package, forget to label the quilt tops as to who they were from, or completely miss writing about a package…or worst of all, mess up names.

Here goes today’s try.  Forgive me if I screw it up…
Check out the baby sleepers in the photo above. I don’t know who they came from.  I had two people let me know they were sending some my way and I don’t know which person to credit them to.  I looked for a gift receipt and didn’t find anything.  THANKS so much to whoever sent them.  I’ve already passed them on to my friend who puts together layettes.  She was thrilled!!

Next is a package from Frieda in Texas.  She was moving and thus downsizing.  Actually, she sent BOTH boxes.  What a treasure trove of goodies!

Here it all is out on the table.

There were a ton of whites.  I saved back the bigger cuts and will be passing them on to Christi.  She’s the one who made my sweet novelty quilt for the childcare kiddos.  I’m also collecting novelty prints for her.  She’s hoping to make another batch of charity quilts.  If you have novelty prints you want to part with, please let me know and I’ll pass on Christi’s info so you can mail directly to her.

There were LOTS of other fabrics.  So many fun ones!!  The sock monkeys are going to Christi too.

I took the florals in the photo below and added them to more coordinating florals and hope to keep that together to pass on to Ray.

I sorted other fabrics out together like the ones below too.

The coordinating zebra prints too.  Ray is helping with coordinating supplies for some charity quilters in his group.  They are all wanting to put together charity quilts and Ray has volunteered to do some longarming for them.  They could really use some supplies so I pulled much from this donation from Frieda for them.

Side note here:  See the American Jane kit on the left.  I’ve wanted to make that ever since I saw it.  As the time it came out I wasn’t doing childcare.  I didn’t have any grandkids in sight so there was no reason for me to make it…so I didn’t.  Now I’d love to make it for the childcare kiddos and have it here as a napping quilt.  I think they will love it like they love the novelty quilt from Christi…So I kept it.

But…back to Ray’s group.  I saved this for them…

…and these panels.

This one is supposed to be a book but I really think it would be cuter and more loved as a quilt.  These can easily be cut out and used as quilt blocks.

I almost kept it too…but didn’t.

There was another cute panel below.

Here is a cute simple quilt.  It’s really more of a topper but borders could be added to it to make it large enough for a baby.

More prints.
…and more prints.

This was a mix…precuts, florals…leftovers, thread.  All sorts of goodies!!

The two packaged to the middle and right were coordinating prints.  I packaged them and sent them with ray.

These orphan blocks went to Ray too.  I’m sure these will sew up quickly to make a nice quilt.

Two quilt tops were in the mix…this one…

…and this one.  What great colors!!

Being I had a box going to Ray, I added these to the box.  Hopefully, Ray doesn’t mind.

THANKS SO MUCH, Frieda.  Ray and his group got many of these goodies.  You did great to start their group off with a bang!

If you have UFOs, kits, or coordinating fabrics that would be easy to grab and make into quilts, please contact Ray and send goodies for his group his way.  Ray is #18 on the list of people/groups looking for donations you can find HERE.

The next box of goodies had the childcare kiddos so happy.  They have been wanting cell phones with more of a screen.  These were snapped up in an instant and they were off playing.

The note pad that is in the center of the note pads and cards was grabbed right away too.  The kids were so excited to see new markers.  I’ve told you all before that I am a little stingy with buying new markers as they don’t always put the caps back on or the caps fall on the floor and they don’t pick them up right away and Rosies chews the cap.  Recently, they’ve been much better.  They asked us if we could please throw away the ones that were drying up now.  I said yes!  They squealed!!

The calendars with the animal prints in them were super popular too.  We made an art project with some of the pages already.  I will try to remember to take pictures of them and show them in the next childcare chronicles.

Thanks so, Kathleen.  It was so sweet of you…also included was a postage fund donation.  WONDERFUL!!

Thanks so much, everyone…I appreciate your generosity so much!