IKEA Rolls Out New Character Toys Designed By Kids Around The World

Image via IKEA

IKEA’s labyrinths are created such that you’ll be shown as many products as possible in a single trip, which means you’re likely to have come across its annual range of soft toys featuring the aesthetics of children’s art.

IKEA’s SAGOKATT collection is, in fact, concocted from the minds of children. Each year, the Swedish giant invites kids from around the world to submit character drawings, later turning a few of the artworks into real soft toys.

For this year’s collection, six designs were selected from over 87,000 global submissions. The company liked this colorful cast so much, it “moved” them into their very own cardboard castle constructed from used IKEA flatpacks.

The characters include Gurki the cucumber superhero, Jesse the party mouse, and Rainbow Kid the sock-wearing rainbow.

Meet all six toys below. IKEA will donate 100-percent of proceeds made from the collection to local initiatives that support children’s right to play.

Gurki the cucumber superhero

“The cucumber superhero on a mission to get kids to eat more cucumbers!”
Designed by nine-year-old Kilian from Germany. Image via IKEA

Rully the robot entertainer

“The robot entertainer who loves to play music, sing and dance.”
Designed by 11-year-old Riana from Cyprus. Image via IKEA

Little Monster

“The hug-loving monster who keeps all the scary monsters away at bedtime.”
Designed by nine-year-old Thomas from Greece. Image via IKEA

Rainbow Giraffe

“The mischievous – yet sensitive giraffe with a passion for healthy food.”
Designed by six-year-old Claudia from Canary Islands, Spain. Image via IKEA

Jesse the party mouse

“The party mouse who loves to play – with balloons, kids and other toys!”
Designed by seven-year-old Noor from Jordan. Image via IKEA

Rainbow Kid

“The rainbow that wears socks in order to stay warm up in the sky.”
Designed by five-year-old Darren Wing Hei from Hong Kong. Image via IKEA

[via Creative Boom, images via IKEA]