I Caught One

A bird. On film, er, digital. Pixels maybe? Anyway, I was lucky enough to be holding the camera when a Chickadee visited the platform feeder. It flew away just as I clicked the shutter so all I got was an empty feeder but then another one arrived and I nabbed it. Gotcha!

A squirrel made itself at home dangling from the suet pellets this afternoon. It was snow flurrying at the same time but you can't see the flakes.

I started drawing the E figures today--a sphinx, which he called an Early Egyptian to fit the lesson, and a couple elephants. I wonder what's on the next page.

This morning I texted some of my knitting pals to arrange a Sunday knit at Zambaldi and it turns out that two of them can make it but the third can only knit on Saturday so, lucky me, I get to go knitting at the taproom two days in a row. It's only polite. I cast on a sock to have something small and portable to knit on this weekend. Now that I'm through the cuff all the stitches are knit stitches so that's the perfect no-thinking-needed knitting.

I'm on a kind of lentil jag. I caught it from my friend Lala. Last month I made Lentils & Rice and it was so good I made it again during my Investment Cooking week last week. I also made a batch of lentil soup last month. Lala has been extolling the virtues of red lentils so I had to try them. This morning I made a batch of North African Red Lentil Soup which I got off the WW site. I had all the ingredients on hand. I just had a taste of it because I had my lunch already but it's good. It has tomatoes and cumin and garlic and onions in it. Next I want to try Red Lentil & Red Pepper soup also from the WW site. For that one I have to buy a red pepper and some chicken broth. I should probably go to the grocery tomorrow morning before the temperatures crash into the single digits. I should have gone today when it was in the 30s. Oh well, I'm hardy and I'll bundle up.

There's a full moon tonight. It's called the Wolf Moon because of the wolves that howled outside villages in winter. This is not a great picture but it's the best I can do with my old camera. I can't make my "big" camera take a picture of the moon. Maybe if I set it to Manual...

Today's toss was more spatulas. I know! I have a lot of them and keep finding more.

Oh, I watched the last episode of Season 1 of Bridgerton this afternoon only to discover that Season 2 won't be on Netflix until March 25 or something like that. It'll be hard to wait.