How to declutter your home and life

declutter home

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We all go through stages where you can feel a bit bogged down in the baggage of life. The best place to start with a declutter is in your very own home and in turn that will affect your overall lifestyle. Heres how to declutter your house (and your mind) in an easy and satisfying way.

Be Systematic

The first place to start is to plan what you want to get rid of, in what room, and in what order. Treat it like a house move, which often helps as youre often against a final deadline to make decisions. Make a list of rooms from the kitchen to the bathroom and decide in what order youll tackle the house. Some suggestions for ordering include top to bottom, bottom to top, or tackling the most used rooms first. Tackle each room in 20-minute bursts with a break in between, so you dont get declutter fatigue. This is also a good time to donate unwanted goods to charity shops, friends or sell on ebay and make a little bit of extra money.

Spring Clean Your Home

Once youve carted off the unneeded items, hopefully, your house will now be ready for the ultimate spring clean. And if you really want to boost your mood as well, you really want to deep clean everything. Take care of the things you want to keep for example if you have delicate rugs, it might be time to contact a rug specialist like Devine rug cleaning. That way you wont undermine your own efforts by ruining your items and putting one red sock in amongst all your fresh white laundry as they say.

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Invest In Practical Storage

Storage solutions have never been so innovative. You might have a coffee table that also acts as book storage, a window seat where you store your crockery or even a footstool mixed with a shelving unit. Try to keep your newly discovered floor space clear by keeping your storage solutions smart. It will make it easier to locate your items, keeping your time free and your brain happy too. At the same time though, try to only buy things that make you happy. If you see a great multifunctional shelving unit that looks like a big old cardboard box, make sure you take style over substance in this case and dont buy. You still have to look at it every day.

Keep only what you need or what brings you joy

At the end of a busy day at work, sometimes all you want is to sit on your sofa and enjoy just being in your home. With this in mind, you don't need to strip your home bare, it's still important to keep the things that bring you joy such as your books, artwork and home decor items. To avoid the inevitable temptation to purchase new items and end up with a house full of knick-knacks, ask yourself if the item really makes you happy, or if you really need it.

Follow these simple steps to declutter your home, and hopefully, your mind will reap the benefits. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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