Holiday Countdown Continues

Need a quick and easy festive party favor for your holiday tablescape? You only need 3 things for this one
  • Hershey Kisses Santa Hats
  • M&M's Green and Red
  • Plastic cups (like shot glasses) found at grocery store

I made them as party favors to bring to a holiday party. Who could resist a little chocolate on your plate!!!
Imagine getting a holiday cupcake with no calories!
Sock Cupcake

See how festive this looks-too bad it's inedible. I was recently at a brunch where the guests all received their own cute cupcake. You too can recreate this treat with the following simple deconstruct directions.
You will need the following ingredients (most found at Michaels or Dollar Tree).

  • Clear plastic bag
  • ribbon
  • large sturdy cupcake holders (this Santa suit like is a cupcake holder from Michaels)
  • electrical tape (belt and buckle)
  • 1 pair of ankle socks
  • 1 lip gloss with a red top
Deconstructed sock cupcake
    The bottom of the cupcake holder was cut out though I have seen others where the bottom was kept intact.
    The Santa belt and buckle were made with electrical tape.
    Roll the socks together and fit snugly into the cup.
    Add lip gloss in the middle.
    Place sock cupcake in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon.
    Other holiday options include:
    Valentine's Day using a glittery red cupcake holder, glue hearts on the cupcake holder.
    St. Patrick's Day using glittery green cupcake holder, glue shamrocks on cupcake holder.
    Shower prizes