Have you been looking for a way to keep the bugs out of your garden? If you are anything like me, you’ve tried everything from toxic pesticides to other animals’ urine and nothing has completely done the trick

Recently I stumbled across this video from Fact Verse, teaching how to keep animals and insects away from your garden using Irish Spring Soap. This gardening hack was a game-changer for me and takes very minimal effort to do. Unlike humans, animals and insects don’t like the strong scent of Irish springs, so the smell is enough of a deterrent to keep them away, without adding any harmful toxins to your plants.
Materials Needed For This Hack: Irish Spring Soap, original scent Old Socks Scissors String
Watch the Fact Verse YouTube video down below to walk through the process step by step.
Directions: Step One
Cut up the soap using a knife into cubes.

Image by. Fact Verse via YouTube video.
Step Two
Take the cubes and put them into an old sock.

Image by. Fact Verse via YouTube video.
Pin Share Tweet WhatsApp Step Three
Tie the old socks with soap in many places around your garden, allowing the scent to drive away animals and insects. You can tie these to trees, stakes, fences or just about anything else.

The scent of the soap will only last for about four weeks so the video below recommends you swap out the soup in your socks at least once every four weeks to keep the insects away. It is also important to make sure the soap is the original scent.

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