Great Gifts to Celebrate New Grandparents

To show your thanks for all they do for you and your baby, read on to find the perfect gifts for your parents and your partner’s parents. From sentimental gifts to practical presents that make spending time with grandbabies easier, this epic list has it all. Pro tip: Use this guide to get a head start on holidays and birthdays.

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Say It with Style

Grandma and Grandpa may be style mavens or...need some help with a fashion update. A practical boost to help them look their best will be appreciated!

Sunglasses can elevate their style instantly. Eleventh Hour has a large selection of sunglasses in iconic styles, just perfect for all those walks and park outings they'll be taking with your little one. Their interactive website includes a questionnaire about face shape and style preferences so you can find the perfect pair. If sunglasses aren't your thing, check out the blue light glasses

To house all those baby essentials, Portland Leather Goods has a great selection of bags from totes for the Grandma who is always prepared to backpacks for the Grandpa who needs to leave the house with more than his wallet. Their retro collection might make Grandma upset that she ditched her favorite purse a couple of decades ago when it started to look dated. The retro collection uses vegetable tanned leather that develops a rich patina over time so this gift will actually get nicer over time. 

Whether Grandma is a big fan of Rosie the Riveter or Grandpa would rather be golfing, Lavley Socks has them covered. This affordable gift is a great way to show the special grandparents in your life that you took the time to find them a personal gift you know they will love. If the gift is a hit, start a tradition of adding to their sock collection on special occasions.  

Grandma may have spent her youth in dresses and heels, but chances are when she's home she wants to be comfortable. Miami Jogger Harem Pants from Buddha Pants are the prefect solution to upgrade Grandma's loungewear. And they have styles for Grandpa too! Another good option is Lark Adventurewear's Jersey Joggers with coordinating tees.

Sometimes becoming a grandparent means spending a lot more time on your feet trying to calm a fussy baby, chasing a toddler around the yard or going on family adventures. This calls for new and more comfortable footwear. Keen hiking boots or sandals fit the bill and will last throughout the grandkids' childhoods. As a bonus, you can get a matching pair for yourself or the kids. 

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A Little Bling

Grandma will love to show off a special piece of jewelry her family got just for her!

Asha Blooms has a unique way to choose the perfect gift, with categories including gratitude and love. Tell Grandma how much you care with a "You Are Loved" necklace, or thank her for supporting you with a "Thank You" rose necklace. 

For a simple but beautiful gift, Delicora has classic styles from huggie hoops to pearls. Some styles even have magnetic closures for grandparents who may have a hard time with traditional claps but still want to look fabulous! 

A Tula Bar Fidget Necklace by Love, Dwayne from Patti & Ricky is not only cute but provides something for little ones to fidget with while Grandma is holding them. Choose from a variety of beads, including rose gold, and lengths to match Grandma's style. 

Pamper Them

It's possible Grandma and Grandpa have not changed their personal care routine in years, so introduce them to some great new products that might make their morning and nighttime routines a little more enjoyable. 

Soo'AE New York has a fun selection of masks, toners and foams. Most are available in different collections, including rose, tangerine, lemon and cactus. Be sure to check out the Homme Collection for Grandpa, including aftershave, toner and more. 

The Gentle Beauty has hydrating lip oils, tints and more for the Grandma who may need a little updating in her beauty routine. Sometimes a simple change is all that is needed for a big impact! 

Varenti Beauty may blow Grandma's mind with their collection of makeup brushes that can make applying makeup easier. Even if Grandma wants to stick with her tried-and-true makeup brands, these brushes could help make her getting ready routine easier and give better results. 

For grandparents whose mature skin needs an extra boost, Raw Beauty Co. has natural ingredients that are good for skin like aloe, bilberry, cucumber, green tea, shea butter and jojoba oil. These can help relieve itch, reduce signs of sun damage and can help improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

Eczema Honey products are full of gentle ingredients like honey, oatmeal and lavender that were designed to treat the skin condition. However, they're great for all types of skin that need a gentle touch or a little more hydration. Start Grandma and Grandpa off with a bundle so they can discover their favorites. 

Have Grandma and Grandpa been using the same soap for the last few decades? Introduce them to some fun new options that can up their cool factor with the grandkids for only a small investment. Zum hand soaps come in soothing scents like lavender, lemongrass and sea salt. 

Grandma and Grandpa have worked hard their entire lives. Treat them to an at-home spa experience with a Bags & Stella set that you can create yourself from a variety of candles, soaps and sprays. Grandparents may especially appreciate this gift after a full day or two of babysitting! 

Not sure what to get? No time to shop? Browse the Boxed Gift Co.'s lineup of curated boxes for any occasion. Grandma and Grandpa might enjoy a Tea Time Box, a Pamper Box or a Birthday box. 

Were you responsible for some of your parents' sleepless nights? Or maybe a lot of of them? Help them make up for lost sleep with a Silken Pure Pure Joy sleep set, which comes with a silken pillow and sleep mask. These are available in a variety of styles, including some that are Grandpa-friendly

Eats & Treats

Sure, Grandmas drinking tea is a stereotype. But it's pretty accurate for many of our moms and even dads! If Grandma enjoys a good cup of tea, a tea bento box from Tea With Tae will make a great gift. Customize your tea bento box or send a sampler. Once you figure out their favorites, sign them up for a subscription on a schedule you choose. 

Do Grandma and Grandpa always say yes to chocolate? Then a Chocogram is the perfect gift. Choose from bark-filled tins, marshmallows filled with candy, or hot chocolate bombs in a mug. They can savor these treats themselves or wait until the grandkids visit and share. 

Here is a cheesy gift Grandma and Grandpa will love: The Life of the Party cheese box has six award-winning Wisconsin cheddar cheeses. For something different, try a Bread Cheese Box

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Southern Caramel is an irresistible treat. The company sells both traditional versions and fabulous flavors. Apple pie caramel, anyone?

Life Hacks

If they're late adopters of new technology, you can fix that with Google Nest Audio. A pair of these smart speakers has incredibly clear audio, so it's great for listening to old jazz standards Grandpa loves. Even better, link up your Google Nest with Grandma's to form a household so that Grandparents and Grandkids can easily communicate with their devices no matter how great the distance between them. 

If you want peace of mind in case of a blackout, give them the gift of light. These inPowered Lights charge while plugged in and turn on when there's a power outage. The Angel Lamp can function as a dimmable reading light or a nightlight in a variety of colors controlled by remote or app. That will come in handy when the grandkids are ready to stay overnight!  

Maybe Grandma is the matriarch of the family who keeps everyone together. Or maybe she maintains an active life in her golden years. Either way, she will love a Go Getter Girl notebook, planner or journal to help keep track of it all in style.  

If Grandma and Grandpa don't get out often, especially now that there's a lovebug at home to cuddle with, an experience gift may be the most welcome gift. Tinggly provides vouchers for experiences in a category you choose, from a minibreak for two, time together or best in the world. 

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Cozy Comfort

What grandparent would not treasure the ability to cuddle with a grandchild every night? While that's probably not possible IRL, a photo blanket from That Blanket might be the next best thing. Choose a family photo or a heartfelt letter to print on a cozy sherpa blanket. Or go for a collage, which works great for grandparents with multiple grandchildren. 

For more traditional grandparents, the Wool & Astoria Throw is an incredibly soft merino wool blanket that Grandma and Grandpa can use as a throw or outdoors. Merino wool is incredibly easy to keep clean, making it the perfect choice for grandparents who may have messy grandchildren come to visit! 

Let's face it: Grandparents can get lonely or feel anxious as they age. A Lurea pillow looks like a trendy throw pillow but has a few hidden secret ways to calm and comfort. Inside is a beating heartbeat and a small heated pad known to help with anxiety. Outside is soft faux fur or shag that can be stroked for a calming effect. As a bonus, the pillow can be used to help calm grandkids who may have a hard time when visiting.

A Pure Daily Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser with aromatherapy might be just what Grandma and Grandpa need to create a truly relaxing experience at home. Its wooden exterior fits in with any decor, and you can help the grands develop a new, relaxing routine for a mid-day break or at nighttime. 

If you are responsible for giving Grandma and Grandpa a few grey hairs before you became a parent yourself, let them know you now understand how hard it was. And give them some comfort in admitting you should have done your share of housework. This Crimson and Clover candle says it all with its message of "Sorry for My Teenage Years" and scent of unwashed laundry. 

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A Grand Story

Grandparents have a story to tell, and you want to hear it before it's too late! 

Ancestry can help tell their story in two ways. First, get them an Ancestry DNA kit that will uncover their roots. Second, access Ancestry's extensive document collection and help your family trace their roots, discover the name of the ship your ancestors used to first travel to the United States, track down military records and more.

StoryWorth could be the most meaningful gift you give to the family matriarch or patriarch. Each week, StoryWorth emails a question for a grandparent (or two!) to answer. You can go with questions provided by StoryWorth asking about their life story or craft questions of your own. At the end of the year, StoryWorth will compile all of the answers into a book that will undoubtedly become a family keepsake. You can even include photos!

Heirloom video books bring your family closer together, even if you live far apart. Use the Heirloom app to load videos of grandparents spending time with grandkids and Heirloom will then send a physical book with videos straight to them.

Help grandparents remember their glory days with a Well Told mug etched with a map of where they grew up. Or, give them a way to trigger happy thoughts about their grandkids in a different city by gifting them a glass with their grandkids' hometown or birthday instead! 

—Jamie Davis Smith


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