Friday Favorites + Peer Pressure Andrew Please;)

Maddie ran a crazy fast time trial 5k on Wednesday so I was happy that she needed a really easy day yesterday so we were able to run together:)  My friends are all starting their training for the St. George Marathon (so far, it’s still on) and Andrew is also wanting to sign up (it is his idea but feel free to peer pressure him into signing up in the comments) and I can’t wait to see what they all do there.

We will definitely be at the marathon cheering whether or not Andrew is running the race because if that race is happening, I am not going to miss out on being there!

IMG 3945

Skye requested a spa day.  Please note that Skye is bandaid free for the first time since 2019.

IMG 3951

And then for one of the big kid’s chore we had them watch Skye for a bit so we could have a quiet lunch date together at home.

IMG 3966

I was out of bread for my precious 3 almond butter/jam sandwiches a day so Brooke and Knox gladly joined me with some free samples too.

IMG 3970

For dinner my neighbor’s food truck came to us!  He owns Marley’s and it hit the spot.  I had chicken fingers with fries…

IMG 3977

And then we all shared the world’s largest cookie.

IMG 3980

After dinner we hung outside for awhile until a strict 7:30 bedtime for the kids because it was one of those days!

IMG 3983


I have a few Friday Favorites!

*Albion Fit dress:  I would like to call this dress one of my ‘Sick Reward Purchases.’  There were a few nights where I felt so sick and crummy about a month ago that I decided I deserved something new as a reward for making it through the day ha;).  I have a SIL that swears by Albion Fit and always has the cutest things on from them so I decided to get something that will always be a classic—> a black dress.  You can dress it up, dress it down and I love the gold zippers on the side.  The quality is amazing and I’m all about simplicity.

IMG 3956

*I just bought another one of these $18.50 dresses on Amazon too because I can’t get over how comfortable they are (not maternity).  I HIGHLY recommend these dresses, you won’t want to wear anything else.

*My favorite podcast episode from the week.  No joke, I’ll be listening to it again.

IMG 3943

*Go get these popsicles as soon as you possible can.  If I could mail them to you, I would.  They are even on sale right now at Costco.

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*My sis-in-law sent me this and it made me SO happy.  I want to go on a run with her.  She is hilarious and the part about ‘past me planned this’… I couldn’t relate more ha.

I’m in a glass case of emotion ##runwithme

♬ original sound – *I have come down to my top two running socks.  I stuck with a few other brands for a few years but those socks would just get holes so easily… not these ones and these ones.  I also love that they both go up a bit higher so you don’t run into the problem of the back of your shoe rubbing your skin.   I’ve also come to love tall socks that hit mid-calf too.  Andrew bought me a few pairs of the Swiftwick kind and I’m in love with them.  I’m going to have some sweet tan lines but they are just so comfortable and a fun change.  Blister free and I love the compression going on in these socks.

PS whenever I wear black socks I think of Des Linden because she says that black socks are her pre-race superstition…

IMG 3611

*I’ve always loved the Levitate and used them for the majority of my first sub 3 training but the Levitate 3 are even better.  First, I just love these black ones and the bounce in these babies is amazing.  The upper portion of the shoe feels like it was made specifically for your foot because it just molds to you because of the sock-like build.   I wore them to the track on Wednesday and while they are heavier than what I normally do speed in, they definitely energized each step.  PS These shoes call for a taller sock (any of the ones above I shared) because the back does seem to come up higher than my other running shoes.

IMG 3614

*I love that Gwen Jorgensen is here in Utah training at altitude and I also love that she is talking about the importance of easy days in the vlog.  The slower I took my easy days, the faster I became.

*One of the amazing life lessons I’ve learned from Andrew—> dipping graham crackers in milk before bed.  It’s the perfect ending to the day.

IMG 3937


Those of you signed up for fall races… are they cancelled yet or still on?  Who is signed up for St. George?

Do you usually eat something right before bed?

What time have you been going to bed usually during the last few months?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?