Enjoy Sweat-Free Style With a Pair of the Best Crew Socks

Socks and sandals have been a fashion faux-pas as long as we can remember, until now. Grab yourself a pair of sliders, and you’ll be one step closer to this summer’s latest footwear craze. But to complete the look, you’re going to need a pair of the best crew socks. 

Some of the biggest stars in America, including Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Tyler, The Creator, have all been spotted sporting this taboo trend. You might not think you have the swag to pull off such a look, and if we were writing this in the early days of the crew sock hype, we might have said you were right. But it’s 2021, and crew socks and sandals are for everyone, even you.

Aside from pairing famously with sandals, crew socks are a fantastic sock of choice for many other reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Comfort – Most commonly made from cotton and polyester and designed to offer full coverage to your feet and ankle area, crew socks are one of the most comfortable styles of socks. 
  • Support – Heels, arch and toes are just three of the most common areas crew socks are designed to support. Through high-density weaving and sewing, crew socks are made to give extra support to the feet in these areas when walking.
  • Coverage – It may seem obvious but having a sock that extends above the ankle is a huge bonus of wearing crew socks. Not only does this offer ankle support, but it also adds a fashion focus and a sweat-soaking extension, too. 
  • Sweat – One of the best benefits of wearing crew socks is the moisture-wicking properties combined with better coverage. These two features together offer a sweat-free experience, even in fast-paced environments. 

Stop cutting corners (and ankles) with your no-show socks and be proud of your foot protectors with a pair of the best crew socks. They look good, provide important support and can help you avoid stinky feet, too. For those reasons, we suggest you order yours now.


1. Dickies Men’s Crew Socks


Great for daily wear and with a price tag under $15, Dickies Men’s Crew Socks are comfortable on your feet and kind on your bank balance. Over 100,000 existing customers have awarded these socks a 4.5-star rating. Each pack includes six pairs, all made from a material mix featuring a heavy cotton content for comfort. They’re machine washable and have various padded areas across the heel, toe and arch to offer extra support and durability.

best crew socks dickies mens multi pack

Buy: Dickies Men’s Crew Socks $12.99


2. Dickies Men’s All-Purpose Cushion Crew Socks


As a leading brand in the sports sock sector, these Dickie’s Men’s All-Purpose Cushion Crew Socks are an amazing value at approximately $10. Available in three sizes and various color tones, this six-pack of socks provides nearly a full week of wear. The ankle zone is woven differently to the foot for extra breathability and limited-slip, whereas the base of the sock focuses on support. If you’re new to crew socks and have been a no-show kind of guy until now, get yourself a pack of these, and you’ll never look back.

dickies mens all purpose crew

Buy: Dickies Men’s All Purpose Cushion Crew Socks $10.00


3. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Value Crew Socks


Made in the USA and committed to providing quality products at accessible prices, Fruit of the Loom Men’s Value Crew Socks are for everyone. The length of their ankle coverage is shorter than most crew socks, but this might suit your style or shoes better. An assortment of earthy tones are included, and the socks themselves are made from a material mix featuring 78% cotton. Once pulled on, you’ll feel the targeted cushioning in the high-impact areas of your foot. These socks have been designed for comfort and support as you wear them day in and day out.

best crew socks fruit of the loom mens value

Buy: Fruit of the Loom Men's Value Crew Socks $12.33


4. MyPupSocks Custom Faces Crew Socks


If you’re your own biggest fan, then you might love the idea of having your face printed on your MyPupSocks Custom Socks with Faces Crew Socks. Alternatively, if you’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up and you’re unsure of what to get them, we’ve just hit the nail on the head for you. At the point of purchase, you can upload a photo of a human or pet face, which will then be printed onto the crew socks sporadically. Despite the novelty element of these crew socks, they’re made from top-quality polyester and are machine washable.

best crew socks mypupsocks store custom

Buy: MyPupSocks Custom Faces Crew Socks $12.99


5. Gildan Men’s Half Cushion Crew Socks


Keep your ankles warm with the Gildan Men’s Half Cushion Crew Socks. Ideal for boot lovers and those who really want a unique style, these socks have a high ankle coverage and reinforced zones on the sole. Each pack includes 12 pairs of quality socks, some of which are all black while others feature colored toes and ankles for days when you’re feeling a little funkier.

gildan mens polyester half cushion

Buy: Gildan Men's Half Cushion Crew Socks $15.47


6. Time May Tell Mens Crew Socks


Not only do the Time May Tell Mens Crew Socks look the part when it comes to hiking, but they’re also a well-suited choice in terms of comfort. Made from 80% cotton, these socks are extremely moisture-wicking, offer a flexible fit and will keep you warm, too. The top trim of each sock has been lengthened to limit slipping, and the heels, arch and toes are all reinforced for a quality finish. Each sock also features an arrow design running up the top of the foot onto the shin, which offers compression support, key for comfort on long walks.

time may tell mens hiking crew socks

Buy: Time May Tell Mens Crew Socks $16.99


7. Anatollian Bamboo Socks


For no-cruelty crew socks, choose the Anatollian Bamboo Socks. Available in various colors, each pack includes four socks. It’s difficult to understand why you would opt for crew socks made of man-made materials when you could have them made of naturally sourced bamboo. Despite all their advantages, these socks are still an affordable pick with thermo-regulating qualities and a soft finish.

anatolian bamboo socks

Buy: Anatollian Bamboo Socks $17.49


8. Champion Double Crew Socks


Whether you’re heading to the tennis court, the football field or the track for a run, the Champion Double Crew Socks will keep your feet supported, sweat-free and stylish. Each sock features the Champion logo on the exterior, which will show over the top of your sneakers. These socks are made of 98% polyester with 2% spandex for stretch, making them machine washable and ideal for everyday use. True champs wear crew socks.

champion double dry pair crew socks

Buy: Champion Double Crew Socks $11.00


9. Adidas Originals Men’s Crew Socks


Featuring the famous trefoil logo, these Adidas Originals Men’s Crew Socks are the go-to choice for skaters, sportsmen and style gurus alike. Made mainly from polyester with a hint of spandex, each pack includes six pairs. They’re machine washable and moisture-wicking, making them ideal for day-to-day use and sports play. Plus, they’re designed with arch compression to enhance the support for your feet during wear.

adidas originals mens trefoil crew socks

Buy: Adidas Originals Men’s Crew Socks $20.00


10. Nike Plus Cushion Socks


With five out of five stars and over 7,000 reviews, the Nike Plus Cushion Socks are a premium selection. Each pack includes six pairs of socks, and you can choose from either all black or all white as well as medium or large sizes. Featuring the Nike swoosh on the side of the ankle, it will be clear to passers-by that you’re the king of socks and style when you’re rocking these socks.

nike plus cushion socks

Buy: Nike Plus Cushion Socks $32.00


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