End of the Year Goodies & Tips For YOU!

Make The End Of The Year So Much FUN:

Start with teaching this simple song. (Perfect if you have a graduation or culminating activity.)
The pages can be made into a big book.
Tip: Bind it at the bottom so when you turn the page, gravity helps the page to quickly fall.
Tip: You can send these home even if you don't have a graduation ceremony.

And let's not forget the special adults in our students' lives. 
Tip: These can be used for any significant adult in each child's life like their dad, grandfather, mom, grandmother, aunt, uncle, care-giver, etc. 

A FuN and easy Father's Day gift your students can create for any significant person in their life. Click the image to grab this fun project. 

And this Flag Template is perfect! Students can write about what they did for Memorial Day or what they plan to do for Flag Day (June 14) or the 4th of July. 
Tip: We wrote about our favorite national symbol since we studied them this year. 

You get two flag templates in this set; this one and one with wider lines. Students can write about their favorite national symbol or what they did for Memorial Day or Flag Day.
Click the image to grab this set. 

And here is a FUN activity for your last week:
We made sock puppets from old, clean socks to help us re-tell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar when we celebrated Eric Carle during the entire last week of school: 

Students cut out the circle to allow their sock puppet to crawl through. 
Tip: Perfect for re-telling to a partner or a buddy class. And so much FUN to re-tell the story to your family at home!

Have a wonderful End of the Year!