Easy Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art Using Painter’s Tape

hand pulling blue painters tape off concrete with chalk stained glass art

Well, color me happy! 🎨

Recently, we’ve seen a trend going around where you can use painter’s tape and sidewalk chalk to create some beautiful masterpieces! And while there are so many fun things you can do at home during quarantine, this one was definitely worthy of its own post. 😍

Make beautiful stained glass art right outside your home…

hand pulling blue painters tape of chalk colored pavement

The Coronavirus pandemic can’t stop us from having fun and making the world more beautiful. Plus, with great weather making its presence known for many of us, we are all pretty much ready to bust outside!

Since basically everything nowadays is closed, we can’t think of a better way to spend some quality time together while staying home. 🏡

various colors of sidewalk chalk laying in front of stained glass painted art on sidewalk

All you need to do this fun activity is some sidewalk chalk, painter’s tape, somewhere to color like a sidewalk or driveway, and your imagination!

Once you’ve placed your tape where you want it, color away! As a tip, a couple of my hip sidekicks said when you color in the sections, use your hand or an old sock to smooth it out and spread the chalk dust into the corners and spots you might have missed.

peeling off painters tape from sidewalk chalk

*Please know that during this time, we are not advising any of our readers to head to the store to purchase any non-essential items. If you’re needing materials to do this activity, we strongly advise ordering from an online retailer, such as the links we have provided above. Stay home and stay safe, everyone! ❤

Check out some of these gorgeous finished products for inspiration: 

different artwork on sidewalk with chalk

bright colors of chalk on sidewalk

kids outside standing in front of colorful chalk art

tie dye stained glass chalk art on pavement

Thank you to all of our team members and valued readers who contributed their beautiful photos – they’re all so gorgeous and made us so happy just looking at them! 🌈😍

And for even more inspiration, this family used sidewalk chalk to color every brick of their home! 😱

baby laying on sidewalk with chalk drawing of be strong and barbell weights

Stay strong. Stay healthy. And stay home, Hip2Save community! We’re in this together! 💪

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