Dollar Tree Easter Sock Gnome

Dollar Tree Easter Sock Gnome

Being in quarantine holds many pitfalls, shortages of course, but you and you family can get very bored and things can easily go haywire at a moment’s notice, so in an effort to keep everyone on track, I started keeping boxes of projects that I can pull out and put in the middle of the table and seat them quietly all round to focus their attention on their own creative spirit. I keep a few boxes of sock projects on hand and one of my favorites is the sock Easter gnome. This is such a cute, fun project, everyone from old to young love it. You get started by simply filling a sock with rice and tie it off, then squeeze the top part together, making a head for the adorable Easter Gnome. I first started by cutting my sock in half and filling it with rice, I used about 2 cups of rice. You can use Poly-Pellets from JoAnn’s or Michael’s Craft Store for about $6.00. If you are worried about Weevils, you can freeze your rice for about 24 hours beforehand to make your rice, guaranteed weevil free.


  • Socks (fluffy slipper socks work well)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of felt
  • A couple of small pom poms (for detail)


First,  you place your sock inside a cup and fill it with rice, then follow the very simple instructions to tie off the body portion of our gnome and add his hat.

Make a cheap Easter gnome from Dollar Tree items

Then you make your Easter gnome some really cute bunny ears, a beard, and add some decorative Easter detailing.

Make a Dollar Tree Easter Gnome with socks

This Easter gnome has made my family very happy in these troubled times that have befallen my favorite Spring holiday.

Dollar Tree Easter Sock Gnome

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