Do you label your lady parts? Got a Moniker for your minge?

Here are 200 slang words for vagina (more coming!)


I have a friend who can’t bring herself to use, as she calls it, “Big People” words for parts of the body, especially ‘Down There’. She generally gives them ridiculous names that you then have to string together to get which part of her lady bits she is talking about. It’s kind of like a game of ‘Guess Who’.

No, she’s not a host of playschool, she just generally goes varying shades of red if anyone dares to say the word ‘Vagina’, which I do like to slip into conversations just to see her squirm! So it has got me to thinking, what do other women call their vaginas?

I had a look to see what the world out there calls their lady bits, some make you cringe and others make you wet yourself laughing. But most would warrant a slap in the face if anyone dared to refer to your va-jay-jay by that name!
So let’s start with the food related Vagina Slang… Ham Sandwich Fur teacup Raspberry Cave Crumpet Hair pie Beef Taco Tuna Taco Fish sandwich Meat Massager Meat Flap Soft Shelled Tuna Taco Pastrami Flaps The Peach Moose Knuckle Hooded Lady Clown Hole Smush Kitten Wizard Sleeve Pancake fold Birth Cannon Bean Apple Pie Meat Curtains French Fry Dip Badly Packed Kebab Calamari cockring
These are a bit manky…  Penis fly trap Stench trap Cock Socket Toothless blowjob Dick driver Dick eater South mouth Cock Sheath Carp Carnival Sperm Bottle Carnal Curtains Dick Microwave Hairy Taco Bikini Bizkit Cum Dumpster Slime Well Anal Alternative Jiz Creek Horny Halo Semen Locker Piss Flaps Whisker Biscuit One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple Penis Eater Sperm Jacuzzi Pimp’s Paycheck Sweaty Love Box Lesbian Lunch Box Vertical Bacon Sandwich Slobber Pocket Dick Slit South Mouth Penis Parking Lot Meat Sleeve Furry Flounder Penis Garage Cuntilocks and the Three Hairs Erection Correction Trench Bone Collector Punani Puntang Hair Pie Clack Beef (this is just for Siobhan B) Sausage Wallet Banana Basket Gash Badly Packed Kebab Stench Trench Pecker Wrecker Stinky Pink Fur Burger Hatchet Wound Soggy Box Punched Lasagne C*nt Mangey Minge Bearded Clam Cooter Coin Purse Axe Wound Penis park Cum bucket Dick warmer
Pop culture Vaginas Pusssay Minge Snatch Clunge Ariel’s Underwater Treasure Grotto Flange Muff Clout Fuzzy Credit Card Fetus Factory Foof Sideway Smile Moot Smoo Gash Hairy Potter Susan Sub-Woofer Fandango Coochie Tunnel of Love Fur Pipe Floss Growler Land Down Under What You Had for Breakfast Bajingo Prison Purse The Pink Portal The Pink Canoe Lawrence of A Labia The Panty Hampster The Notorious V.A.G. Fanny Vag Twat Vulvarine Red Wagon
Historical Names for the Vagina French Withered Pear Pie-Corner Nature’s Treasury Cunnie Aphrodisiac tennis court Rosebud Lady’s Low Toupee Mount Pleasant The Mary-Ellen Thatched Cottage Chapel of Ease Tuppence Privy-Counsel Petticoat Lane Pie Corner Coffer Mrs Fubbs’ Parlour

Prison Terms for Vagina The Hairy Handbag Hairy Purse The Prison Purse The Hair Pie Sweet and Tame Vagina Names Vaginaland Foo foo Flower  ` Kitty Front bottom Hoo hoo Fuzzy Noo Noo Minkey Lady V Foof Vahjootz Garden Tutti Fruitti Nub Mini Nunee Flossy Honey pot Gina Pool of Moisture Privates Fajetta Down There Cookie The Hot Box Cream Pie Pocket Book Tutu Sheath Yoni Wet Curls Wizz Bits Lady Jane Downstairs Flappy The Upright Wink
Animal-related Vagina Names Beaver Fox hole Hippo’s yawn Penis fly trap Bush Camel Toe Cooter Snapper Panty Hampster Fish Mitten Rooster Jaws Tuna Town Bunny Tuft
Names that sound like mythical lands Cave of Harmony Adams Cave Alter of love Gates of heaven Lapland Wet Cave Lady Cake Lady Garden Wizards Sleeve The Pink Fortress Lawrence of A Labia

Random Terms of Endearment for the Vagina Axe Wound Vertical smile Hallway Panty Hampster Morris Minor Downstairs Tampon Tunnel Pee Pee The Cock Sock Fuck Hole Non Na Hot Pocket Nether Regions Girly Bits Private Parts Schmoo Sin Flower Mum’s Glove Box
That’s only a few that are out there, I’m sure most people could add to those. As my friend is my inspiration for me thinking about my lady bits, it’s only fitting I mention as to what she calls hers! A NONO. I know, right! Sounds like she has a bad stutter. Imagine the confusion of the poor guy she’s with.
“You can touch my NONO” – was that a yes or a no!? Or worse still he might think she’s being kinky and wanting him to try it on with her Italian grandmother.

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