Do you feel like your kids are always looking for something to do because they’re “bored” or feel as though they’re stuck inside due to Mother Nature and her ever-changing weather? If so, you need these rainy day activities for kids!

All kids are different and tend to like doing different activities and ideas so this is why I put together this giant list of boredom busters. Never again will they have a reason to say that they’re bored or don’t have anything to do! Check out these awesome indoor activities for kids!

Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids
Your children are going to love this huge list of ideas. You’ll find a wide variety of activities and ideas that will keep them busy for hours.
What can kids do inside on a rainy day?
1. Read a book

2. Play with homemade playdough

3. Make a DIY Fairy House

4. Play a game of BINGO

5. Be creative and make a stress ball

6. Be a bit messy and make oobleck

7. Learn about saving money by making a Rainbow Piggy Bank

8. Have a competition and see who can jump on one foot for the longest

9. Channel their inner green thumb and make herb gardens


10. Treat their taste buds with coffee can ice cream

11. Make fun and colorful DIY window clings

12. Catch the sun with these homemade apple suncatchers

13. Paint rocks to put outside for fun landscaping

14. Put on a play with cute stick puppets

15. Whip up a batch of edible paint

16. Create a beautiful pipe cleaner flower necklace

17. Make a batch of homemade GAK

18. Grab these free printable shape playdough mats for your little ones to enjoy with playdough. They won’t even realize they’re learning!
Things to Do When Kids Are Bored
Here are some great activities for kids at home! Awesome for indoor fun for kids!
Boredom Buster Printables
1. Match the Spring fun game for preschoolers

2. Apple Shape Matching for kids

3. Pumpkin Scene Playdough Mats

4. Fun Summer Reading Log for Kids

5. Creative Flower Coloring Mats

6. One Fish Two Fish Rhyming Words

7. Insect Puzzles

8. Uppercase Lowercase Letter Matching
Boredom Buster Games
Games are great things to do when bored for kids! Here are some awesome game options that they’re certain to love!

1.Have some strategic fun with Qwirkle

2. There’s nothing that a game of Candyland can’t fix

3. Everyone is going to be cracking up playing Hedbanz

4. Don’t forget Ticket to Ride First Journey for the younger kids

5. Giant UNO is going to have everyone trying to hide their cards

6. The hardest part is not springing the spring in Booby Trap

7. Nothing passes the time better than Monopoly Junior

8. See who comes out on top in this fast-paced game called Ticket to Ride

9. Hide and seek in the house is always a fun idea

10. I-spy with my little eye makes for a great way to pass the time, too
Boredom Busters for Tweens
These fun ideas and activities for tweens are certain to have them entertained with ease! Some are actual games but some are just fun ways to use their imagination as well.

1. Create an indoor scavenger hunt using simple clues

2. Play sock bowling with a pair of rolled-up socks and plastic cups

3. Work on their own DIY journal sets

4. Stencil or doodle fun creations

5. A riveting game of Exploding Kittens is never boring

6. Brainteasers like Kanoodle are always a great idea
Activities for Kids at Home
And just in case you need more activities for kids at home, I’ve got you covered! With this list, they’re going to have so much to do!

1.Have fun with STEM with this Instant Ice Winter Experiment

2. Make their very own Rainbow Sensory Bottle

3. Dig around with this Jello Fossil Dig

4. Do an upcycle project with Bottle Cap Flowers

5. Whip up a batch of homemade salt dough ornaments

6. Experiment with these colorful exploding color bombs

7. Make a tent fort out of old blankets

8. Set up an imaginary play station in a pop-up tent

9. Create a rainbow with spring painting

As you can tell, this list of rainy day activities for kids is certain to keep them busy for hours and hours on end! Full of games, activities, and creativity, there is something for all ages to do!

This list is perfect for any future rainy days as well!
What are some other fun indoor activities for kids that you’d add to the list?

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