Cyber Week HUGE Deals!

Every year Black Friday/Cyber Week rolls around and many, many of my friends lament the consumerism that has engrossed us as a culture. And I get it! I do! But... I love giving gifts, and I'm the one responsible for all the gift purchasing in our family... So I appreciate gift guides and deals that my friends share!

On that note, I'll be updating this post throughout the week/weekend with deals so that you can find them all in one place! Hopefully you can support some small shops (many in that post have coupon codes and will be having huge Small Business Saturday sales), and also find some good deals on items you can't "shop small" for.

First! Before you start shopping, make sure you're signed up for Rakuten (formerly Ebates) - you'll earn cash back on your purchases and a lot of stores will be running higher percentage cash-back deals, so it's really worth your time to click through Rakuten first before shopping.

This post contains affiliate links

Lilla Rose hair accessories are up to 50% off, the biggest sale of the year and your best chance to score some of these goodies at the steepest discounts you'll find! These are so fabulous for breaking out of the "mom hair messy bun" rut, and there's a huge variety of styles so you're sure to find something perfect for you! (I'm wearing my new Posie flexi clip in the above picture if you want your own!)

You can find videos with styling ideas and sizing help right here!

Sock Religious has 20% off their whole store with the code HOLYSOCKS - this is the biggest discount I've ever seen with them! Andrew has their St. Joseph socks and these Guadalupe Socks would be such a fun gift for kids. We've found them to be very durable, and I love what a wide variety they have. Maybe somebody you know needs Fulton Sheen socks in honor of his upcoming beatification in Peoria?

ChewsLife has published their Black Friday deals, and they're worth setting an alarm for! The only time you can get 20% off their Chews Life Rosaries is from 12AM-1AM on Friday morning, so for once maybe keep the phone next to you on your bedside table and let the alarm wake you up for some quick shopping?

Shannon sent some of their new Shepherd Kids Rosaries and they are SOLID. Smaller than the regular teething rosaries, the beads slide to help keep track of prayers, but they feel completely indestructible. And we are ROUGH on rosaries! They also come with un-rippable (seriously, we tried!) cards to help kids remember their mysteries, and an adorable pouch for carrying. These are ONLY eligible for discounts from 12-1AM on Friday morning, so don't miss out!

The freebies all day look pretty great as well - these are so amazing for teething babies, and Lucy adores the mini-decade and rosary bracelet I have for her. Definitely stock up for baptism and birthday presents!

Not my picture, but Cecilia did this project for Doodle Crate and uses it all the time!

Kiwi Crate started their Black Friday sale a week or two ago and I've already taken advantage!

Black Friday Early Access: Get 60% Off your first crate or up to 4 months free with code EARLY

We've used Kiwi (science/crafts for kids 5-8), Doodle (art for kids ages 9-16+), Tinker (engineering/science for kids 9-16+), and soon Atlas Crates (geography for kids 6-11), and they've all been so wonderfully done! But the best part is, the kids can do them without me. That's key, I cannot handle projects or crafts that are parent-intensive. While they have options for babies and toddlers, I think these are best for kids who can read, solely because that means you don't have to help. Peter just got a subscription to Kiwi Crate for his birthday, and the older kids are all helping him, since he can't read. It's awesome.

They have crates available a la carte, no subscription needed, and with free shipping! Or try a subscription and get your first month free on a 3-month subscription, two months free on a 6-month subscription, or FOUR months free on a 12-month subscription. This is the best deal I've ever seen them offer!

Keep checking back for updates throughout the weekend!