Cool Scandinavian Sock Brands to Know

Bright colors! Bold patterns! Brilliant Lurex! Socks do so much more than keep toes toasty (though we’ve got some excellent recommendations if that’s what you’re after). Socks are to feet what scarves are to necks: sure, you can go basic and keep things warm with wool, but might I interest you in a floral print? Or perhaps something sheer that works right through the balmiest of summers?
Bored of basics? Express yourself with the coolest Scandinavian sock brands to know right now: SOCKSSS
Like an irreverent 90s streetwear brand took an acid trip in the 70s, Stockholm-based SOCKSSS sells perfectly fitting sports socks in rave-approved brights and acerbic tones. Organic cotton is used for a ribbed ankle design that’s soft on the bottom and breathable up top. Radical, dude.


Organic Basics socks
They might look ordinary, but these SilverTech socks from Danish brand Organic Basics are anything but. Created using real silver, the antimicrobial material absorbs odors and stays fresher for longer with fewer washes, meaning it’s good for the planet and good for you. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also heat-regulating, so a 10-pack will see you through every season for more than a few years.


Henrik Vibskov socks
It would be improper to step into the Vibskov universe without donning your foot in the cartoonishly amusing sensibilities for which the designer is known. We particularly like the Cream Check socks, lifted from Vibskov’s SS20 runway and with a red and blue check pattern that reminds us of old 3D glasses.


Happy socks
Swedish company Happy Socks are exactly that – happy. Bursting with color and playful designs, it’s hard not to be charmed by their collections, which include collaborations with various icons like The Beatles, Snoop Dogg, and living legend Spongebob Squarepants.

If those that live in pineapples under the sea aren’t really your thing there’s also their fashion-forward ranges, like Hysteria, that provide a masterclass in pattern clashing and color blocking. Go bold with a mix-and-match, God gave us two feet for a reason!


Swedish Stockings socks
Do you have any idea how unsustainable tights are? Neither did we, until we found Swedish Stockings, who are lengthening the lifecycle of a product most people don’t realize they have milk older than. Most modern pantyhose are made from Nylon yarn – a petroleum-based textile that is non-biodegradable and shockingly bad for the environment.

Swedish Stockings only use recycled yarn and produce in factories that use environmentally friendly dyes, post-dyeing water treatment, and solar power. “But I’m here for socks!” you cry. Not to worry, Swedish Stockings carry a range of socks and knee-highs, ranging from 20-80 denier and a few rib knits too. They’re sleek and stylish, perfect for a minimalist Swedish shoe.


For too long our socks’ expressive abilities have been stifled. Enough! Solosocks are bringing design references to feet at last, with collections inspired by Danish design icons such as Hans Wegner and P.V. Klint. The Copenhagen-based company creates abstract designs that are sold in packs of 7 – that’s right, no pairs.

Instead, unique socks from within a chosen style are paired up however you like. The idea being that when one sock develops a hole (or inevitably goes missing on the way back from the laundry) you can keep wearing its partner while foregoing the faux pas of odd socks.


Marimekko socks
What started as an act of defiance – Marimekko founder Armi Ratia designed liberating dresses in abstract patterns and vibrant colors for women sick of restrictive 1950s style – has gone on to become a beloved lifestyle brand that’s as vibrant and defiant as ever. The Finnish brand designs homewares, clothing, and fabrics covered in Ratia’s large-scale prints – even the humble sock has received this treatment! They’re a cotton blend and cute as hell, what’s not to love?


ARKET socks
Cotton, silk, lurex, recycled cashmere: ARKET has an incredible range of socks in almost every color imaginable. The cashmere is recycled, which is great news for the environmentally conscious shopper, and the lurex is just brilliant fun.


& Other Stories socks
Sweet socks that are definitely great for dancing shoes and less so for walking boots. Baby pinks, glittery threads, and scallop trims are rife at & Other Stories – by no means a bad thing.


GANNI socks
The real reason GANNI Girls always seem to have a spring in their step: GANNI socks. As a brand, GANNI is working hard to become more responsible with its production. This includes supply chain traceability, reducing plastic usage, and using certified fabrics. GANNI socks are included in this work, and they’re a fun entry point to the brand. Stripes, spots, and bright colors will lift any outfit to the level of GANNI Girl cool.
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