Casper may have made its name by creating a superb bed-in-a-box mattress, but its pillows are not to be missed

The Casper original pillow featured a unique pillow-in-a-pillow design and crisp cotton cover, but it had polyester fibers in its core. Down pillow lovers will be thrilled to hear that the new Casper down pillow has a special five-chamber design, and it keeps the pillow feeling luxurious and soft but without falling flat right away.

Those in the market for a down pillow will want to check out what Casper has come up with. We’ll go over all the details, and I’ll share my take on who it’s a good fit for based on sleep position and other factors. Stick around and watch my video review or keep scrolling for my detailed written review. Always comment below if any questions come up!
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Casper's down pillow features responsibly sourced down and a five-chamber design to help increase support. The luxurious pillow comes with the company's signature 100-night trial as well. 

To read more about the Casper down pillow, check out my written review below.
Key Features Two sizes: Standard and King (I reviewed the Standard) The Standard is 18” x 26” with a two-inch gusset Cover: Outer cover is 100% cotton with 100% polyester inner panels Filling: Inner filling is made up of ethically-sourced down and engineered into five chambers that have different combinations of down and feathers Outer chambers: 80% white duck down, 20% feather Inner chambers: 60% white duck down, 40% feather Machine washable and dryer friendly 100-night trial Price: Standard is $125 and King is $165

Who Makes It?
The pillow is a product from Casper, a mattress and bedding company that was one of the first to start selling memory foam mattresses direct to customers online. We’ve had the opportunity to review several of their mattresses, including the original Casper, the Essential and the Wave.

The popular brand also offers other bedding products in addition to mattresses, including their signature down alternative pillow, sheets, a duvet, and even a pet bed.
How To Care for the Pillow
Here are the instructions that come with the Casper pillow

Step 1: Use a front load commercial washer and dryer. 
Step 2: When needed, only use non-chlorine bleach.
Step 3: Machine wash with warm water and a mild. detergent on the normal cycle.
Step 4: Tumble dry thoroughly on low with dryer balls (or clean tennis balls).

I personally do not have a front load commercial washer and was still able to get the pillow very nice and clean. Dryer balls are key to keeping the drying time as low as possible, as it needs to break up the chunks of down. The pillow also needs to be fluffed daily to maintain maximum firmness.

Pros This down pillow is super soft and fluffy while using responsibly-sourced down The unique design allows for some inner support due to the five-chamber design It’s machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer (use dryer balls!) Its innovative but luxurious feel makes it a solid value Cons The pillow is definitely not hypoallergenic It’s a little higher maintenance and should be fluffed daily At $125 for a Standard, the pillow might not be in everyone’s budget My Experience
Casper’s signature pillow has been a big crowd-pleaser but it’s been a few years since they’ve come out with a new pillow, so I was excited to try out their new down pillow.

This is definitely not an average down pillow, and there are several characteristics that set it apart. First, and a point I do like, is that Casper uses responsibly-sourced down for their new pillows. According to the brand, the pillows are certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which means the down “comes from birds who have been treated with care.”

That being said, I respect anyone who still doesn’t think any sort of down pillow is ethical and those individuals will probably not find this pillow to be the best fit.

The other key factor is the inner design of the pillow. Casper keeps the details of the “five-chamber design” on the down-low, but the basic premise is that the pillow has two different down-to-feather ratios. The outer chambers contain more down than feathers, leaving it fluffy and smooth like a typical down pillow. However, the increase in feathers in the inner chambers means more support and structure – it also means the pillow is less likely to fall flat.

Thanks to this design, the pillow does a good job of staying lofted and supportive. Flatness and a loss of support is often a common complaint with simpler down pillows. This happens when the air inside the pillow is compressed and the down and feathers flatten out over time.

With consistent daily use, the pillow will start to flatten – it’s not perfect! The down pillow will still need to be fluffed daily if it is going to maintain its top level of firmness and loft.

I truly love any pillow that is easy to clean, and this one is both machine-washable and can be tossed in the dryer. Just make sure to follow the care instructions Casper provides and consider investing in (or creating) dryer balls – I personally use tennis balls in a sock.  They get tossed around in the dryer and bounce up against the pillow cover, helping to break up clumps of wet down and feathers in the pillow, and they will speed up the drying time.

There are more details to be found on this below, but this pillow is probably going to be the best fit for back sleepers and some side sleepers but will be too lofty and supportive for stomach sleepers.

Best Sleeping Positions For This Pillow
Thanks to the innovative five-chamber design, this is one of my favorite down pillows for back sleeping. I love that it maintains its level of loft and support, and my head doesn’t sink right through. I also found it to be very comfortable while side sleeping, as long as I diligently kept it at its maximum loft, which means I had to throw it in the dryer nearly every day.

When it came to stomach sleeping, down pillows usually allow my head to sink and I’ve had success with some, but the supportive core of this design gave me too much neck strain to enjoy it in this position. I think back sleepers and side sleepers will sleep comfortably with this pillow. Keep reading below for Marten’s take on the pillow as well!
Marten’s Take
I’m a larger person than Katie (160 lbs), and I am also more of a side sleeper, so I wanted to talk about how I feel sleeping on the Casper down pillow.

Let’s start off by talking about sleeping positions. When I lie on my back, the Casper Down Pillow is a very good match for me. My head is sinking but not too far, and I feel just enough support on my neck.

Lying on my side, the Casper pillow is also working for me. The pillow is lofty enough so that my head does not sink in too far. I don’t feel smothered by the pillow, and I do feel like I am in neutral spinal alignment.

However, when I turn onto my stomach, the pillow is too lofty for me. My head is being pushed up at an angle, and I believe I need something flatter and less fluffy.

Speaking of feel, the pillow is indeed fluffy. When I compress the pillow with my hands, it does take a few moments for the Casper to expand again. Overall, I enjoy this fluffy feel, and I can say it makes for a comfortable night’s sleep.
View Latest Offers Casper Down Pillow Casper Down Pillow
Casper's down pillow features responsibly sourced down and a five-chamber design to help increase support. The luxurious pillow comes with the company's signature 100-night trial as well. 
CLICK HERE Final Thoughts
Casper’s down pillow is a nice option for those looking for a high-quality pillow that features responsibly-sourced down. While it is pricey (and down pillows do tend to be more expensive), it’s still a good value, in my opinion, and it’s easy to clean!

I personally liked it best sleeping on my back and my side and I think it’s just too supportive for stomach sleepers – but with 100 nights to try it out, it’s a good deal.

Please comment below with any questions that come up! 

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