Well, the crocuses aren't giving up. Even though the bunny or bunnies keep nibbling them down, they still manage to push out a few half-flowers every few days. I took a walk during the sunny hour we had today and was surprised to see these three little golden cups shining in the light.

In the corner by the front stoop, the hyacinths are making their annual showing too. I can't wait until they get tall enough to bloom, bunnies don't eat them.

The daily art today was to fill in a rainbow. The book suggested using watercolors so that the colors would bleed together but I was reluctant to use watercolor on the non-watercolor paper so I used my watercolor pencils and just dampened the rainbow when I was done coloring. It isn't too wrinkly and I think it looks okay. I like using my colored pencils.

The lesson in the 30 Days book was rippling flags. I could have used this as a technique refresher before drawing the jellyfish yesterday. That would have made drawing those middle dangly parts easier. Maybe I'll try again.

I managed to find a few things to be grateful for today, especially the short sunshine and the bulbs, so we have a gratitude journal page for the day.

I'm on the fence about whether today's watercolor is a success or not. I look at it and it kind of looks like the picture so I guess I did okay. I realized today that I am impatient to improve and want it to come faster but I'm only 24 days into this so I think that's premature. I should delve into the how-to books, shouldn't I?

Last night I started another cast sock using the little walnuts of leftover yarn that I've been collecting in a baggie. It's worsted weight yarn so it'll go more slowly than the last couple cast socks I made with bulky yarn. Maybe I should cast on another sock or something that will take longer so I'll have it to take to The Clearing with me for next week when I'm not focused on writing.

Today's toss was a pair of appliqued fingertip towels that I dredged up from the back of the linen closet. They were Mom's and I don't know why I kept them, they're more Aunt B's style than mine.

I did laundry today. Ugh. I'm glad that I have enough clothes that I don't have to do it every week, I can put it off until I"m nearly out of socks and undies and delay the drudgery.