Bond with your pets to make them feel loved, and let them chase, munch, and play with these DIY dog toy

s. Read on to learn how you can keep your pets cheerful by recycling your items to make dog toys.

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11 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make to Spoil Your Pet
1. DIY Dog Feeder

Aside from keeping your pet busy, this DIY dog toy will also make him distracted. Give this to your pup during dinner time, so he won’t be jealous of what you’re eating.

To make this interactive dog toy, all you need is a PVC pipe. Drill some holes into it, and let your pet dig into the treats inside. Don’t forget to smoothen the edge of each hole using sandpaper so your pup won’t get hurt. Clean it, and cover the ends with caps.

2. Dog Agility Toy

Keep your furry friend fit and active with this DIY dog toy that’s simple to make. You can set this up in any spacious area in your home or backyard. Use furniture-grade PVC pipe and fittings, since each of these pipes will serve as the ground bar.

If you’re teaching your dog some tricks, this would make for a great inclusion to his equipment. You can also use this toy to train him to move, think, and understand quickly.

3. Frozen Treats

Since dogs love to chew on things, they’ll enjoy both eating and playing with these DIY popsicles. They serve a dual-purpose, functioning as half-treat and half-toy.

Freeze yogurt, applesauce, and cinnamon to create these homemade popsicles. Your dog will dig into this treat right away regardless of the shape of your silicone mold.

Aside from a mold, you can also put the treats inside an empty bottle. Remove its cap, and let your pet work hard to get his reward.

4. DIY Sock Dog Toy

This DIY toy is probably the easiest that you can make for your pet. You only need minimal materials, time, and effort to do this craft.

Put a tennis ball inside a sock, and push it toward the toe-end part. Knot the area above the ball so it would stay in its position even after throwing it around.

5. Tennis Ball Tug Toy

Like the sock toy for your dog, this also requires a tennis ball. However, don’t put it inside a sock. Instead, wrap the ball in an old shirt, then toss it around.

Cut some parts of your shirt into strips, then braid them. This is a perfect craft for dogs who are not that tender with their toys. It’s sturdy enough, and it won’t be a problem even if your pet wants to wrestle with it.

6. T-Shirt Dog Toy

If you have stacks of shirts in your cabinet that you’re not using anymore, transform them into a dog toy. Cut them into thin and long strips. You can use multi-colored fabrics so they would look colorful when braided.

These braids would keep your pet occupied, as he’ll be busy chewing them. There’s no doubt that your best friend would love this toy since it also smells like you.

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7. Sweet Potato Dog Chew Toy

Put some fiber and flavor to your pup’s diet by adding sweet potato to his toy. Slice this vegetable into round pieces, then cut the middle part, leaving a hole in each potato. Afterward, put it inside the oven and bake it for five hours. This will dry out the potatoes.

Use a durable rope to create an unbreakable and chewable craft. This is also ideal for dogs who are teething.

8. DIY Dog Rope Tennis Ball Toy

Aside from a sock and shirt, a rope can also be a partner of a tennis ball. It would make for both a tugging and chewing toy for him.

Drill into both sides of the ball so you can thread your rope through it. Then, tie knots to keep the ball in place. It might be a challenge if you’re not fluent in knotting, but the result would be worth it.

9. Dog Water Bottle Toy

You can make both your pet and the environment happy with this DIY dog toy made of plastic bottles. Instead of throwing away empty water bottles, fashion them into tug toys for your pup.

Wrap a bottle in colorful fabrics, then tie the ends. Your dog will chew on it, so braid the hanging parts of the cloth for security. The crinkly, crunch sound that the bottle makes would engage and please your furry friend.

10. Ring Dog Toy

If you have some spare ropes at home, use them to create a chewable ring toy for your pup. This DIY dog toy is easy to make, you can even create many pieces in various sizes.

Use different colors to make this toy more vibrant. Braid and do a crown knot to put the ropes together.

You’re also not restricted to creating a ring-shaped toy. You can be as inventive as you want with its form.

11. Denim Dog Toy

It’s not a problem if you don’t have a sewing machine at your home. You just need a pair of scissors and old pants to make this DIY dog toy.

Recycle your tattered jeans by cutting them into long strips. Tie them together until you come up with ball-shaped denim.

Like your ring rope toy, you can also get creative with the shape if you want. Additionally, since denim is heavy-duty, this toy will last for a while.

Watch this video by Rosanna Pansino to learn how to make some homemade dog treats:

Keep your pets energetic with these DIY dog toys. Use the resources around your house, and transform them into dog toys that you and your furry friend will love.

Do you have other DIY dog toys in mind that you’d like to play with your pet? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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