The little patch of blue squills is still blooming under the lilac bush. I noticed that there's a single blue squill flower under the honeysuckle wayyy across the yard from the original patch. I wonder how it got there. Bird bappie?

Tonight at Friday Night Knitting I worked on the Owl Sock foot. I've still got about an inch and a half to go before it's time to toe. I was wishing that I'd cast on something else in bigger yarn and bigger needles before tonight. I'll make sure to have something for next week.

The daily art page said to draw a herd in the forest clearing on the page so I drew some white-tailed deer--a buck, three does, and a fawn. I think it turned out okay.

In the 15-Minute Artist, the next figure was a pear. Easy to draw, a little challenging to shade, especially the leaf, but I worked at it and think it's not bad.

And finally, out of the 10-Step Drawing: Everyday Things book, a key and fob. I liked that it's an old-fashioned skeleton type key instead of a new brass key. This too was easy to draw and easy to color. I sure like using colored pencils on these drawings.

Today's toss was a mittfull of colored pencils. This is a set from Michaels, their Artist's Loft brand, and they're terrible. The color part is fine but they are impossible to sharpen. The wood splits and splinters when I try. It's frustrating so I'm passing them on to someone else.

This afternoon it was passable nice, a little breezy but partly sunny, so I went out and picked up all of the trash that had blown into the yard over the last few days and then I pulled out a bunch of weeds that had sent up tall flower stalks. The grass isn't long enough to mow yet but the weeds are tall so I pulled them up. Take that, weeds.