Blogtober 2021 : Day 13

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey …”

It’s raining again today so the dog and I stayed close to home for our walk.  Our route takes us past some builders working on a house and I can imagine this constant dampness must be a nightmare for bricklaying!

Leaves of shades and brown and yellow littered on the floor.  A pair of brown boots are at the bottom of the photo for context,

There’s starting to be a little bit of colour amongst the brown on the ground but it’s still way behind what I think it would usually be like at this time of year.  I’ve heard that it’s supposed to get colder next week so we’ll see what happens then – it would be a shame to miss out on the Autumn colour!

The field where we walked today had sprouted lots of little groups of mushrooms.  I think these may be field mushrooms (at least, they look like the ones I buy from the supermarket) but I’m not about to eat them just in case I’m wrong!

A small group of white mushrooms growing in the grass.  There are rain droplets on the grass stalks. White mushrooms growing in the grass.  One of the mushrooms has fallen over showing the gills.  There are rain droplets on the grass stalks.

We walked past this barn and just as we did, a large flock of wood pigeons wheeled overhead and settled on the roof – which was already full of pigeons so there was lots of jostling and shuffling about as they all found a tile to perch on.  I hope you can see them in the photo – they did look funny all lined up like that!

A long, low, brick-built barn with a tiled roof.  The roof is made of grey tiles with ornate ridge tiles.  There is a wood pigeon sitting on each of the ridge tiles. Close up of the barn with the pigeons sitting on each of the ornate ridge tiles.

Back home, it was breakfast time.  A couple of months ago, I realised that trying to shovel breakfast as well as everything else that we do before it’s time to leave for school just wasn’t working for me so I have started having a protein shake with almond milk first thing (I drink this one) to stop me being hungry and then a “proper” breakfast when I come back from walking with the dog.

A yellow bowl of muesli and yoghurt sits on a brightly coloured placemat on a wooden table.  To the top right of the mat is a smaller version of the same mat with an orange mug of tea on it, and to the left is an empty tea pot.

Most days, I have muesli and yoghurt because that’s what I really like.  I make the yoghurt myself using Easiyo sachets and the muesli is Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli with extra nuts, seeds and sultanas added because I am not very good at remembering to eat them if they aren’t mixed in with my yoghurt and I know they’re good for me.  I’ve never been very keen on nuts (apart from pistachios for some reason) but now I can eat walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts without thinking about them as they’re part of my breakfast.  Sitting down to eat breakfast also reminds me to take my vitamins so that’s another good reason for me to do it!

I’ve remembered that I didn’t show you my Changing Staircases shawl after spending quite a bit of time on it over the weekend, so here it is.

A purple shawl on a knitting needle.  Above the shawl is a brown leather knitting belt and to the right is a pink ceramic yarn bowl containing a cake of purple yarn sitting on the knitting pattern.

It’s really hard to see how much I’ve done as it’s all bunched up on the needle but it has grown considerably and I know it will look brilliant once the blocking process has done its magic.  I’m really glad that I’ve been marking off all the sections as I’ve been going along as it’s showing me that the shawl is growing even if I can’t see it!

The Emergency Sock is now safely in the car so I’m ready for all traffic queue eventualities, and I need to get going with the Carousel socks again after the unravelling disaster.  Ah, it’s really annoying when something like that happens, isn’t it, but it’s my own fault for being a perfectionist over something that probably nobody (including me) would ever have noticed.  I will get those socks on my feet! 🙂

Right, that’s me for today!  Hope you’ve had or are having a fabulous Wednesday, I’ll see you tomorrow! xx


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