Back To The Cold

The high temperature today was 18 degrees but it spent most of the day in the single digits and it was breezy. I tried not to go outside except to get the newspaper that the new carrier tosses into the driveway instead of on the porch. Grr.

Birds came today though. It was sunny, cold, and windy so, of course, the birds came to the feeders. The Sparrows came to the ground under the tube feeder except for this guy. He was elected to sit on the perch and toss seed down to those on the ground, er, snow.

Just as it was getting dark I saw a bird shape on the platform feeder so I inched open the patio door and took a picture. It was a Cardinal! I knew they sometimes came late in the day but I'd never seen them in the dark like that.

Then I had to take a picture of the bunny hopping around hoovering up the fallen birdseed and leaving behind drifts of rabbit raisins. Thank goodness for the "red eye" correcting function on the photo app because he looked like a Franken-rabbit with a glowing red eye.

I drew the next lesson in the Draw Squad book this afternoon. I keep thinking that I'll go back to the 30 Minute book or maybe the 30 Days book to find more grownup things to draw and yet every day I crack open this book or the 3-D one and just draw what's next.




Tonight at Friday Night Knitting I got started on the foot of the Black & White Sock. I think I'm about halfway down the foot.

Today's toss was a few old travel guides. I'm never going to go back to Seattle or London or Palau, I don't think, so why am I keeping them.

I wrote a prompt about "transfer" this afternoon and ended up writing about my transfer from wife to widow. A writing friend's mom is teetering on the brink and another's mom passed last week so the talk at writing this afternoon was about that transition.  Not very cheerful but necessary to talk about.