Australian circular brand UPPAREL, B-Corp certified makers of sustainable socks and underwear, has just released the world’s first circular flip out children’s sofa, made from 100% upcycled textiles and recyclables.

“Everything we do today is for the benefit of the next generation, so it made sense that our very first product was focused on the next generation,” says UPPAREL CEO Michael Elias.

According to the Australian television show War On Waste, Australians throw out 6,000 kilograms of clothing and textiles every 10 minutes. A conventional kids sofa is generally made from a virgin foam product that takes decades to degrade and is a material often found on the nature strip during hard rubbish collections and makes its way into Australian landfills. UPPAREL’s FLIP UP disrupts the kids furniture sector by being completely zero waste.

Developed and ethically manufactured in Melbourne, FLIP UP’s inner sofa cushioning is made from recycled textiles and old, unwearable clothes. The washable, water-resistant, stain-resistant exterior fabric has been made from a regenerated yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles. The outer material has also been stress tested and meets standards for colourfastness, abrasion, durability and performance.

Focused not just on creating a circular product, but on pushing the boundaries of circularity in Australia, the zero waste couch will also be collected by the business once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, ensuring that none of the inner and outer materials end up in landfill.

Since its launch in 2016 as a monthly subscription service and digital sock recycling program, UPPAREL has diverted almost two million items of clothing from landfill. With 50 partners on board to recycle old dormant stock and remnant fabrics as well as its ‘UpCircle’ digital textile solution, UPPAREL’s commitment to eradicating textile waste has seen the business receive a plethora of accolades from both industry and government, ensuring its place at the forefront of the circular fashion movement.

The kids sofa is priced at $145 plus free shipping. It can be purchased at

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